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Yin & Yang Free


Closes on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 11:59 PM EDT (in 51 days)

Yin & Yang

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang is a fundamental concept that represents the dualistic nature of existence and the interconnectedness of opposite forces. Yin and Yang are complementary and interdependent opposites, symbolizing the balance and harmony inherent in the universe.

Yin is associated with qualities such as darkness, passivity, femininity, receptivity, and the moon. Yang, on the other hand, is linked to light, activity, masculinity, assertiveness, and the sun. The concept suggests that these opposing forces are not static but in a constant state of dynamic equilibrium, with each containing the seed of the other.

The interaction and balance between Yin and Yang are believed to influence the natural order of the world, as well as the balance within individual entities, such as the human body. The symbol of Yin and Yang, often depicted as a circle divided into two halves, each containing a small portion of the other, visually represents the idea of harmony through the interplay of opposites. This ancient philosophy continues to play a significant role in Chinese thought, influencing various aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, and cosmology.

Writing Prompts:

1. Explore a story where two characters embody the principles of Yin and Yang, each representing opposing forces in a quest for balance. How do their interactions influence the world around them, and what challenges arise as they seek harmony?

2. Write about a society that has lost its balance between Yin and Yang. What consequences does this imbalance bring, and how might the characters within this society work to restore harmony between these dualistic forces?

3. Create a narrative where a protagonist faces internal conflicts related to Yin and Yang within themselves. How do they navigate the opposing aspects of their nature, and what lessons do they learn about finding equilibrium?

4. Imagine a fantasy world where mystical beings personify Yin and Yang. How do these beings interact with each other and the mortal realm? Explore the consequences of disruptions to their delicate balance and the quest to restore harmony.

5. Write a dialogue between two wise characters discussing the concept of Yin and Yang and its application to a specific challenge or dilemma. How do they interpret the interplay of opposites, and what guidance do they offer to those seeking balance in their lives?

6. Explore the role of Yin and Yang in a historical setting, such as ancient China. How did people incorporate these principles into their daily lives, and how did it influence their decision-making, relationships, and societal structures?

7. What is your interpretation of Yin & Yang?



Lights Out

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Cosmic Daffodil Journal's fourth publication will be centered around the horror genre. There are three different categories to submit to. Please mention the category name with your submission.

AN ODE TO POE: Psychological horror. Gothic, gruesome, gritty, gore. Losing control of one’s mind. Madness. Violence. What is scarier: a monster or the mind?

APOCALYPTIC: Eco-horror. A world on fire. Polluted air and water. Human survival hanging on by a thread. Can it be saved, or is it too late?

GHOULS & GALORE: Fantasy horror. Witches brewing potions, malevolent specters lurking in the shadows, what once was dead is now alive.


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Nature as a whole; deer grazing on grass in a forest, the stars on a clear night, children playing in an ocean inlet, birds chirping in tree canopies, a babbling brook by a cottage in the mountains. What is nature to you?

Natura defined as:

1. the whole system of the existence, arrangement, forces, and events of all physical life that are not controlled by humankind

2. all natural phenomena and plant and animal life, as distinct from human beings and their creations