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My life was shaped to a large extent by books, three in particular: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith; My Life, by Isadora Duncan; and Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. I read these books many times over, relishing in the authors' vision of the world. What did I learn? Don't be afraid to dream. Don't be afraid to be different from others and carve your own path. Don't be afraid to seek your truth and live it.

Books are the foundation of a life well lived. With books we can explore the far reaches of our world and the immense valleys and mountains of our minds and hearts. Our travels can be enchanting, exhausting, despairing, and joyous. We can cry and we can laugh. Authors, do you know the importance and potential of the words you put in print?

For me, publishing books is about sending words and ideas into the world to become that foundation. I look for manucripts that say something important, that offer a small piece of what we all need to make sense of our lives. And I believe that the design of a book should complement its content and help convey its message. That's why each book we publish is unique.

I am very proud of all the books in our catalog. Each one touched me in some way when I first read it. I invite you to read one and see for yourself.

Christine Brooks Cote
Founder and Publisher

Book Publishing—Manuscript Submission Free


Shanti Arts is a fiercely independent publishing company whose work is grounded in nature, art, and spirit. We produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind books that are designed to complement the content and message of the manuscript. Just as no two books have the same content, no two of our books look the same. We aim to form a partnership with an author to present their ideas and story in the most meaningful and appealing way.

If you are considering submitting a manuscript for our review, please be sure you familiarize yourself with our work. Browse our online catalog. Order a few of our books to get a close-up look at what we produce.

Please note that we mainly publish poetry and non-fiction—books covering a wide range of topics that include nature, art, travel, spirituality, as well as memoir. NOTE: We do not publish novels or children's books.

Please consider the following before you submit a manuscript:

1. We accept submissions through Duosuma ONLY. Please do not send a manuscript through email or any other way unless we have instructed you to do so.

2. Your submission should include (a) a cover letter within which is a short description of your book, a statement of what you hope to do with your book once it is published, and a listing of your previously published work (if applicable); and (b) your complete manuscript—we do not accept books that are not yet finished. If you wish to include your artwork or have specific ideas about art for the interior or cover of the book, please send .jpg files with your submission.

3. We try to respond to submissions within three months, but we cannot guarantee that we will do so. If, after several months have passed without hearing from us, you may send us a gentle message through email, reminding us that you are still waiting for a response. If we are interested in your work, we may be in touch with questions or we may simply send a contract for you to review.

4. If your book includes ANY quotations, please prepare a separate listing of the quotations and information for each one that includes: name of the author; the quotation's source: title of book or article; and whether the quotation comes from poetry, prose, song lyrics, etc. We will review this list and determine whether or not permission must be received from the publisher of the source material.

5. It's worth noting that we publish about 35 books a year, and we receive a few hundred submissions. If we turn you down, please be aware that this may not be because you show no promise as a writer, but rather that other work we've received is a better fit for our catalog. In other words, don't stop writing because we've turned you down—this time.

6. All decisions as to whether or not to publish your work are final.

7. Please browse this page for various types of useful information for our authors.

Thank you for considering us to be the publisher of your book. We know there are thousands of publishers looking for manuscripts, so we are pleased to be on your list of possibilities. We look forward to getting to know you and reviewing your work, and possibly, publishing your work.


As you progress through the entry form, DO NOT click the box next to "I will be providing a single file..."

Rather, click "+Add a piece to my list." You will then be asked for the title of your piece and asked to choose your file and then add your file. You will probably start by uploading your cover letter. Then repeat this process to add additional files such as your manuscript file, perhaps your listing of quotations from the book, and then image files. Each of these should be separate files. Note that acceptable file types are .doc and .docx for text files; and .jpg for image files. Other file types (.pdf, .tif, .png) will not upload.

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