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Current Submission Opportunities for Fiction

Show: All Poetry Nonfiction Drama Visual Art Multimedia

There are 86 different calls currently accepting fiction submissions (including fee-based).

50 Years of Hip-Hop Anthology (Purple Ink Press) (Gold Star Program)
Call for Poetry/ Fiction/ Art/ Lyrics

Apple in the Dark
Summer 2024

Bright Flash Literary Review (Gold Star Program)
Flash and Short Fiction, Memoir, Rolling Submissions, No Theme

Bristol Noir (Gold Star Program)
Flash Fiction (Charges fees.) / Short Stories (Charges fees.)

CafeLit (Gold Star Program)
Ongoing submissions

Call For Works In The Area Of Horror/Science Fiction/Fantasy-Manuscripts (FlowerSong Press)
Horror/Science Fiction/Fantasy-Manuscripts

Carolina Muse Literary & Arts Magazine

Children's Books for ages 7-10 (CafeLit) (Gold Star Program)
Children#s 7-10

Children's Picture Books for writer / illustrator teams (CafeLit) (Gold Star Program)
Children's Picture Books

Children's Picture Books for writers (CafeLit) (Gold Star Program)
Children's Picture Books - writers

The City Key
Open Submissions

Consequence (Gold Star Program)
Fiction / Flash Fiction / Translations

Cosmic Daffodil Journal (Gold Star Program)
Yin & Yang

Creation Magazine (Gold Star Program)
Volume 05: A Numbers Issue

The Creative Writing NZ Short Story Prize 2024
Short Story (Charges fees.)

The Echo: Teen Art & Lit Mag (Gold Star Program)
The Echo - Summer 2024

Emergent Reader Books for Children (CafeLit) (Gold Star Program)
Emergent reader texs and texts upt to 20,000 words for children

Fabula Press Short Story Competitions
PAID Submissions 2024 (Charges fees.)

Fast track for authors published by Bridge House, Chapletown and CafeLit (Gold Star Program)
Fast track

Feisty Women - Fiction (CafeLit) (Gold Star Program)
Feisty Women Fiction

Fiction Potluck Contest (The Writer's Workout)
24-Q2 Kidlit

Firewords Magazine
Issue 17 (Adventure): Fiction

Flash Fiction Collections (CafeLit) (Gold Star Program)
Flash Fiction Collections Open Call

FlowerSong Press
Manuscript Submissions Now Open

Flying South Contest (Winston-Salem Writers) (Gold Star Program)
Members Winston-Salem Writers (Charges fees.) / NON Members Winston-Salem Writers (Charges fees.)

FreeFall Magazine Prose & Poetry Contest
Prose (Charges fees.)

Gavialidae (Gold Star Program)
Fiction and Nonfiction (Charges fees.) / Poetry and Flash Fiction (Charges fees.)

Grey Hands Literary Magazine (Gold Star Program)
Online Magazine Submissions

Griffel (Gold Star Program)
Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Visual art (Charges fees.)

History Through Fiction Press (Gold Star Program)
Full-Length Manuscript Submissions

History Through Fiction Short Stories (History Through Fiction Press) (Gold Star Program)
Short Stories (Charges fees.)

Impulse Anthology (Inkd Publishing)
Impule - explicit romance

Instant Noodles (Current Words Publishing)
Devil's Party / Holiday Noods

Jade Ring Writing Contest (Nonmember Submissions) (Wisconsin Writers Association)
Nonmember Fiction (Charges fees.) / Nonmember Fiction (Add Critique) (Charges fees.)

Limit Experience Journal (Limit Experience Media)
Ageless Sexuality: Libidinal Innocence & Wisdom (Charges fees.) / Lej Call For Submissions - Ongoing (Charges fees.)

Limit Experience Magazine: Art Interviews, Creative Project Sounding Board (Limit Experience Media)
LE Interviews, Book, Film & Music Reviews (Charges fees.)

Loud Coffee Press (Gold Star Program)
Flash Fiction (1000 Words Max)

Max Blood Publications (Max Blood's Mausoleum) (Gold Star Program)
Theme: Horror novels in space

Max Blood's Mausoleum (Gold Star Program)
Issue 4

Meat for Tea: The Valley Review (Gold Star Program)
Theme: Earl Grey (Charges fees.)

The Metaworker Literary Magazine
General Call for The Metaworker

Micro, Art, & Miscellaneous Call for The Metaworker Literary Magazine
Art & Misc Call for The Metaworker / Micro Call for The Metaworker

Midsummer Dream House
Fiction Contest: Summer 2024 (Charges fees.) / Issue 2 (Charges fees.)

Midwest Weird (Gold Star Program)
Let's Get Weird: Submit to Audio Literary Magazine

The Orison Chapbook Prize (Orison Books)
Chapbook (Charges fees.)

The Passionfruit Review (Gold Star Program)
3-Day Response (General Submissions) (Charges fees.) / Issue 9

Interactive Fiction / Interactive Project

Radix Magazine (Gold Star Program)

The Red Telephone YA books (CafeLit) (Gold Star Program)
YA Novels / YA Novels 45,000 to 105,000 words

Revue {R}évolution (Gold Star Program)
Myth/short story

The Rumen (Gold Star Program)

Sci-Fi Horror Anthology: Songs from the Void (Max Blood's Mausoleum) (Gold Star Program)
Sci-Fi Horror Anthology: Songs from the Void / Sci-Fi Horror Novel in Space

Shanti Arts Publishing (Shanti Arts LLC)
Book Publishing—Manuscript Submission

Single author short story collections (CafeLit) (Gold Star Program)
Single author collections

Slant Books
Manuscript Submission (Charges fees.)

Still Point Arts Quarterly (Shanti Arts LLC)
My Favorite Things—Writing Submission / The Self-Portrait—Writing Submission / Walking—Writing Submission

Sunspot Literary Journal (Gold Star Program)
Flash, poetry, graphic novels, art (Charges fees.) / Goldilocks Zone 2023: $500 for Authors/Artists (Charges fees.) / Long form fiction, CNF, poetry, graphic novel (Charges fees.) / Novelette length fiction, CNF, graphic novel (Charges fees.) / Novella-length fiction, CNF, or graphic novel (Charges fees.) / Short stories, nonfiction (Charges fees.) / Supernova: very long fiction, CNF, graphic novel (Charges fees.)

Tales (The Writer's Workout)
Theme: The Kitchen

Troublemaker Firestarter (Gold Star Program)
Volume 666

Twelve Winters Journal (Twelve Winters Press)
Twelve Winters Journal (Charges fees.)

WayWords Literary Journal (The Writer's Workout)
Issue 15: theme of nostalgia

Willows Wept Review

Witcraft (Gold Star Program)
Not everything has to be serious

Writing Teacher (CafeLit) (Gold Star Program)
Writing teacher

Wrong Turn Lit (Gold Star Program)

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