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The Scop: Literary and Fine Arts Magazine for King's College

The Scop is a student-run literary magazine operating out of King’s College. Supporting the mission of King’s College to not just teach students to make a living but how to live well, the Scop offers real-world literary magazine experience to its staff and featured creators. Recently, the Scop has opened up submissions from local college students to world-wide authors, poets, photographers, and artists. Showcasing the proclivity for the arts which characterizes humanity has no borders or limits, and the Scop highlights this talent.

Questions or comments can be emailed to [email protected] or to indivual staff members found under the staff section on our website at

Quota: This project has established a quota. Submissions will close when it is reached.


Volume 83 Free


Closes on Saturday, March 18, 2023 11:59 PM US Eastern Daylight Time (in 109 days)

The Scop is accepting submissions for Volume 83!

The Scop is open to receiving submissions from the King’s College community and beyond. This includes current students, alumni, faculty, staff, and submitters worldwide. The Scop will accept submissions of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, art, and photography.

Although you may submit to all of the categories, please limit your submissions to:

  • 3-5 poems
  • 3-5 photographs or art pieces
  • 1 prose piece per genre (fiction, nonfiction) 7,000 words or less

Prose should be submitted double-spaced and poetry should be submitted single-spaced. All submissions should be in separate Word document files.

Photographs or pictures of artwork should be submitted in .JPG format, have a title, and be attached separately from any Word documents. When submitting work, please DO NOT include your name or personal information on the written piece being submitted to allow for impartial judging.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]