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The Echo: Teen Art & Lit Mag (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

The Echo Teen Art & Lit Mag is a Teen Art and Lit Mag. Seriously? You still have questions? Ugh...

Are you a creative person? Are you between the ages of 13-19? Send us your art and your writing. It's that simple.

We want to elevate your voice.

Current Editor: Cora Anderson

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Closes on Friday, May 31, 2024 11:59 PM EDT (in 48 days)

Before you submit, please scroll below and familiarize yourself with our guidelines.

We accept poetry, memoirs, short stories and flash fiction in any genre, critical essays, short scripts, art, and photography.

Do Not Submit:

  • Fan fiction or other derivative works
  • Anything that would earn a rating of R or Mature. Use your discretion. When in doubt, submit.
  • Illegal confessions
  • Erotica
  • Unfinished pieces
  • Previously published pieces (including self-published pieces)
  • Anything over 5,000 words

These are hard sells:

  • “It was all a dream!” endings
  • Pieces that contain song lyrics
  • Stereotypical cliques
  • Anything over 3,000 words

This issue we're really interested in: Mysteries and Magic

  • Fairy Tales
  • Magical Stories
  • Scripts
  • Monsters and Vampires
  • It was the Butler.
  • Mysteries and Who-Dunnits
  • Unreliable Narrators
  • Submit poems I guess ¯\_ (?)_/¯

For Art/Photography: Digital art and photography is preferred. If submitting physical art, submit the highest quality scan/image of your artwork that you can. We are willing to work with artists to capture your work in magazine quality if your work is accepted.

That’s all! Thank you for your interest in submitting to us; we look forward to seeing your work.

With love,

The Echo


Temp Closed

Phantasmagoria is a series of twisting, loosely connected ideas that are surreal, dynamic, wondrous or strange in concept.

Submit to us your best surrealist dream-like stories, poetry and visual art!

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