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32 Poems

poetry for the ear, the eye, and the ego

Poetry Submissions Fee: usd $3.00


32 Poems welcomes unsolicited poetry year round and accepts simultaneous submissions. We respond quickly (often within a few weeks), and poets who have not received a response within 90 days are encouraged to query regarding their manuscript’s status.

As a rule, we publish shorter poems that fit on a single page, but we sometimes make exceptions to accommodate remarkable work that runs a little longer. Please send no more than five poems (in a single document, if submitting online) and no more than one active submission at a time. We do not accept translations or work that has been previously published in print or online.

We believe poets should be paid for their work. Contributors receive $25 per poem and two copies of the issue in which their writing appears.

For online submissions we charge a $3 reading and processing fee, but that fee is waived for current subscribers who can upload their work via Submittable without charge.