Announcing a New Category: Visual Art! (includes Photography) BETA

BETA indicates that this feature is currently in final, public testing and is subject to change.

One of the most common requests we've received has been to cover the visual arts as well as writing. We've spent the past year developing this new category. Because this is new territory for us, you can expect many changes and improvements in the future.


We have gone through our existing listings and added Visual Art categories when applicable. At launch on 1 January 2017, we listed over 800 Visual Art publishers. Currently, we list 1328 active Visual Art publishers.

ATTN Editors: If you are an editor of a project we already list and you publish visual art, please check your listing. If the listing is missing Visual Art information, please send a correction request.

We are now ready to start listing new Visual Art projects. If you know of any visual art publishing projects that we don't already list, please read our listing criteria, and if you believe the project qualifies, send us a new listing request.

Current Restrictions (Note: These restrictions may be lifted or relaxed in the future.)

  • We only list publishers. We do not list: galleries, art shows, agents, etc.
  • We only list projects that accept direct submissions or "on spec" work. If the project seeks "for hire," on commission, or freelance work — whether paid or unpaid —it doesn't qualify.
  • We intend to add graphic narrative works and other writing-visual art hybrids in the near future. UPDATE: As of March 1, we now cover graphic narrative and photo essays, in addition to submissions of individual artworks.

Current Features

All the same features we've provided to writers for over a decade are now available to visual artists as well. Here, we'll note specific features for visual artists.

Custom Search

Visual artists can search for publishers by Visual Art Medium, Visual Art Style, Payment, and dozens of other criteria. It's possible other criteria will be added as well.

See our Glossary for the list of options for Visual Art Medium & Style. (Note: There are more options listed in our Glossary than on the Search form. That's because the Search form hides options that aren't currently in use by any of our active listings.)
Note: Visual art Payment is a work in progress. During the BETA period for Visual Art, we'll be surveying all the paying visual art markets to determine what the final Payment categories will be. In the meantime, the temporary Pay options are simply: Paying, Non-paying, and Unknown. UPDATE: As of March 28, we have defined Token, Semi-Pro, and Pro payscale options for Visual Art. Please see the Glossary for details.

List of Pieces

You can now add Pieces to your list with Type: Visual Art. If you had any visual art pieces already listed with Type: Other, please update those to unlock new features for those pieces.

Optionally, you can specify Visual Art Medium and Visual Art Style for any pieces in your list with Type: Visual Art. This will make it easier to search for publishers that may be appropriate for that piece.

Other Features

As mentioned before, all of our features have been updated to include Visual Art. This includes the News pages, the Calendar, Submission Tracker, etc.

Newsletter: If you are interested in adding Visual Art to your newsletter, simply update your profile. If you are not yet a Duotrope member, that will be one of the options when you sign up (see below for a special promo code).

Special Promo Code

To welcome visual artists to Duotrope during this BETA period, we're offering a special Promo Code.
Enter ARTBETA in the Promo Code box when you subscribe, and you'll receive an extended one-month trial. (New subscribers only. One offer per person. Promo code expires March 31, 2017.)

Note: You will be required to provide a payment method when you set up your subscription. However, you won't be charged until the end of your free month. If you cancel before the free trial ends, you won't be charged. Questions? Read our Subscriptions & Payments FAQ.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our new Visual Art category, please let us know.