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New Listing Request for a Publishing Project

  • This form is for sending NEW LISTING REQUESTS ONLY (which includes listings for contests or anthologies). If you need to send corrections/updates for a publication that's already listed with us, please use the "Report" links on the publication's listing (under the cover art). If you want to contact us about another matter, please review our other contact options.
  • Please read our Criteria for Listings for more information on our requirements for listings.
  • If you are an editor for this publication, please read our Policies for Editors for valuable information on how we work with editors and how you can help the process run as smoothly as possible during the lifetime of your listing with us. You may also want to check out our Advice for Editors, which discusses some of the common pitfalls we've seen in new publications.
  • Due to the volume of requests we receive, please send no more than 5 requests per week. If you send more than 5 requests in a 7-day period, we will only process 5 of them and delete the rest.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any listing without notice. Also note that we will not add new listings for projects that have already closed to submissions or whose deadlines are just days away. Please request listings well in advance of any deadlines.
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Qualification (select one):

Publication history (select one):

(If this is for a contest or anthology, please enter the title of the contest or anthology, not the title of its "parent" publisher.)
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Please keep these comments short (or blank). We will get all the information we need from the publication's website. However, if the publication is not based in the US, please let us know where it is based. Also, if you are requesting a DNQ listing, please let us know why you think they don't qualify.