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How much does Duotrope cost?

Sculpture of boy climbing a ladder into the sky.
Reach greater heights with Duotrope. (Photo by Samuel Zeller.)

Duotrope is one of the smartest investments you can make in your career as a writer or artist. You don't need to take our word for it. Read what people say about us.

Options for Individuals

We offer two different subscription terms. Each begins with a free trial period.* The cost is as follows:

Monthly Subscription

INR ₹400 per month

A small price to pay

Annual Subscription

INR ₹4,000 per year

12 months for the price of 10

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Depending on your situation, the cost of a Duotrope subscription may qualify as a business expense for tax purposes. Check with a tax expert in your area.

Subscriptions recur until cancelled. You can cancel quickly and easily at any time on this website.
For more information, please read our Subscriptions FAQ.
* New subscribers only. One free trial per person.

Gift Certificates

We offer Gift Certificates from INR ₹400 (one month of access) to INR ₹8,000 (two full years of access).

Individual Gift Certificates provide the same features as subscriptions. The only differences are that Gift Certificates don't recur, and they don't include a free trial period.

Buy a Gift Certificate

Options for Groups

We offer a few options for groups of people: Bulk Gift Certificates and Group Memberships.

If you're not sure which option is best for your group, try our "help me choose" wizard. (Just answer a few basic questions. No personal information is required.)

Pricing for Duosuma: Duotrope's Submission Manager Platform

Using Duosuma as a submitter is free. It requires a personal Duotrope account, but a paid Duotrope subscription is not required.

The fees for using Duosuma as a publisher or agent are based on the number of submissions you receive. We offer transparent pricing and a cost and earnings estimator. Members of your Duosuma team are not required to have paid Duotrope subscriptions, although they will each need a free personal account. The size of your team has no impact on billing.