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Beechwood Review

After taking a 5 year hiatus, I would like to open up the Beechwood Review for its 4th issue. Please read the submission guidelines as they have changed.

You may submit in different categories, but send one and only one submission per submission period. Send your best work in each category as we will only accept one submission per category (except art).

We accept simultaneous submissions and reprints (as long as you have the rights to republish). By submitting to Beechwood Review, you are granting us the right to publish your work in digital and print format.

With Beechwood Review 4, we have decided to pay for submissions at the following rates. Poems at $5 per published poem. Prose at 1¢ per word. Visual art or cover art at $5 per artwork.

Beechwood Review publishes minimalist writing and write. We're partial to themes of time, nature, humanity, philosophy, chaos, reason, the ridiculous, and the whimsical. We don't like work that drones on about fancy table fruit. Although good fruit poems have their place.

Quota: This project has established a quota. Submissions will close when it is reached.


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Closes on Saturday, December 31, 2022 11:59 PM EST (in 30 days)


Send up to 10 poems. In total, no longer than 50 lines. Poems of 5 lines or fewer preferred. Haiku and micropoetry heavily favored.

We'd love to see some visual poetry submissions and one word poems that meld language and aesthetics. Heck give us: codes, poems in translation of languages that you made up, poems in translation of real languages, hand written poems, photo-stitched poems, found poems, and anything else you could barely qualify as a poem. We'll take it if it's a tiny powerful rift.

We'll consider: experimental verse, haiku, senryu, tanka, renku, free verse, sonnets, acrostics, one word "poetry" aka poemwords, and more. We appreciate formal technique, but the words must have meaning over anything else. Our favorite poets include: ee cummings, Jack Kerouac, Wallace Stevens, William Blake, Robert Frost, Pablo Neruda.

Send up to one piece of fiction, 5-1000 words. If you have a story to tell, tell it is as many words as you need—no more, no less. We like philosophical fiction, sci-fi, literary fiction, and modern fiction. We like the work of: Margaret Atwood, Sam Pink, Kurt Vonnegut, and Isaac Asimov. We also like parables and fables.

Visual Art & Cover Images
Send up to 10 pieces of art at once. They can be photos, paintings, digital art, mixed media, graphics, videos, etc. We like sketches, images, designs, strong shapes, and beautiful colors. When you send your art, make sure it's edited to your liking. We won't make but minor edits on images. We don't really like confusing images with obscure references.

Send one work of non-fiction, anywhere from 5-1000 words. We appreciate flash non-fiction and creative non-fiction. We'll take anything that's true, as long as it speaks truthfully. Again word limits are a guideline, not a rule. We like Alain de Botton and David Sedaris. We also like philosophical musings and essays. We like Heidegger, Plato, Aristotle, Stoic writings, and Taoist, and Confucian writings.