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Groupie Mag

groupie is a journal for fans who are moved by music - moved to talk about it; moved to connect it to something more, something personal; moved to make something new because of it. it’s a place for creatives of all kinds who are inspired by music, lyrics, musicians, each other as fans, and how the world is sculpted, changed, and made sweeter by all of those things.

Issue 003: Myth Free


Closes on Saturday, October 23, 2021 11:59 PM UTC (in 3 days, 18 hours)


We need a myth
We need an amethyst bridge
We need a high hanging cliff
Jump, fall and lift
We can make it

who are we if not all of the music we love glued together and is that not its own mythology?

for our third issue, we want to be mesmerized. transported. immersed. send us your most spellbinding, curious legends and lore. play with the real and the fantastic. we want to be chased down the rabbit hole, into the dreamland, and water-colored alongside you onto the fairy tale’s pages.

as always, all creative work (prose, poetry, and visual art) should have a clear connection to the endlessly mythological world of music. speculate. challenge. suspend your disbelief with us. and will one of you please tell us: is avril lavigne alive or what?

what myths do you love? what are YOUR myths? shake out those foundational beliefs and stories. what creatures live inside them? are the old gods part of the play or are there new characters to debut? what songs score those scenes? does it all turn out right in the end?

let's craft an entirely new leatherbound mythology together and whisper it over and over until it transforms into issue 003.

xoxo team groupie

rachel, gloria, and kayla

submission deadline

submissions will close on October 23rd. for insight into the work we are most interested in publishing, check out issue 001: first times and issue 002: sophomore slump.

general submissions guidelines:
  • we accept prose, poetry, and visual art for our quarterly magazine issues!

    • for prose: submit up to 3,000 words of prose (fiction, non-fiction, essays, etc.)

    • for poetry: submit up to 3 poems (6-page limit)

    • for visual art: submit photography, illustrations/cartoons, mixed media, etc. (artist statement required).

    • multiple submission types are accepted. feel free to send in artwork accompanying your work if there’s anything specific you have in mind.

  • please refer to the issue’s theme before submitting your work!

  • we ask that you keep submissions anonymous; please remove any identifying information from the manuscript portion of your submission!

  • THAT SAID we also ask for a quick cover letter/bio with your submission.

    • the cover letter is purely informational. keep these at a 1-page maximum.

    • bios will be featured in the “liner notes” section of the journal. keep these at a 5-sentence/100 words maximum.

  • if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]!

thank you for taking interest in submitting to our mag. we’re so excited to see your work!

all groupie writers & staff currently work on a volunteer basis. at this time, we’re unable to pay our contributors.