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Handmade Horror (Stories)

Handmade Horror (Stories) - an anthology of short stories

Theme: Stories that incorporate some element of art or craft.

Seeking imaginative and original stories that are supernatural, spooky, horrifying, chilling, weird, amazing, scary, light or dark.

Please read the submissions page and guidelines and send only stories that fit this theme.

Send only one story. .doc or .docx file.

Payment for short stories 1200 - 5000 words: flat payment of $25.00 CAD

Payment for flash fiction 600 - 1000 words: flat payment of $10.00 CAD

See the guidelines for important, detailed payment information.

If your story is declined, do not send another story unless you have been requested to do so.

Flash Fiction 600-1000 words Handmade Horror Theme Free


Closes on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 11:59 PM UTC (in 16 days)

Flash FIction: 600-1000 words. Stories are only considered if they fit the specific theme as detailed in the guidelines.

Stories must be art or arts & crafts-themed horror stories.

Please read important information on the submissions page.

Submit one never-published, and never-broadcast original story that fits this theme.

Short Stories 1200-5000 words MUST FIT THEME: Art & Craft Horror Free


Closes on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 11:59 PM UTC (in 16 days)

This call is for Short Horror Stories with a SPECIFIC THEME. PLEASE READ the GUIDELINES. Stories must have something to do with art, or arts & craft. The characters may be artists, crafters, hobbyists, artistic tradesmen/women, or those that use/come across the things made. See guidelines for more specifics.

Send one original, never published, and never broadcast story that fits this theme.

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