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MacroMicroCosm Vraeyda Literary


A Quarterly Digital literary & art journal dedicated to speculative fiction, art & literary criticism. A celebration of the weird, strange and perceptibly odd. A review of books, music, film & art. Home of our weekly MacroMicroCosm Book Review Podcast & YouTube channel. Features articles on creative development & the business of arts. MacroMicroCosm embraces a broad base of fiction and non-fiction with fantasty, magic realism, science-fiction and futurist elements in poetry, short story, art, photography, and comic.

Featuring exclusive interviews with artists, authors & professors, creator development columns from talented creators within their fields, book, film, art, food & music reviews, MacroMicroCosm supports the development of the consummate artist, while enriching the Zeitgeist. While tips are appreciated to help cover the cost of our editorial team, they are voluntary. Every dollar goes toward the development of MacroMicroCosm.

Open for speculative poetry, prose (fiction & non-fiction), comics & art. AKA. a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, magic realism, futuristic. Non-fiction should tie in to the theme of the greater work and include either literary theory, philosophy, or science.

What to Submit:

Prose: 500 - 7,000 words. Multiple pieces may be submitted as long as total word count is -7,000.

Review: Book, music, art show & concert reviews between 300 - 600 words.

Poetry: Between 1 - 5 poems per submission, to a max of 50 lines each.

Art & Photography: Submit a 1-page abstract and up to 5 pieces to review.

Unreleased Work: Currently, no reprints.

Simultaneous Submissions: Yes. If your piece gets accepted elsewhere, tell us.

How to Submit:

Bio: 250 Words + any awards/grants + Publications/Showings + Twitter + Blog/Website

Synopsis/Abstract of work/s (Under 300 words)

Writing Format:

Courier New 12 pt. Font, Double-Spaced/DOCX/Pages

Header: Author Name / Working Title / Total Word Count / Page Number

Visual format:

High Res TIFF/PDF; 300 dpi

Email submissions to: literary @


Royalty: 5% of all issue copies sold (in 1 calendar year from publication date). 1 Year Digital Subscription. 1/2 Page advertisement in future issue for your work ($250 value).

Failure to follow Guideline will result in rejection.

Quick Links to Open Calls:

Hockey Stick Galaxy Volume 8 Issue III Free Tip Jar Option


Closes on Monday, October 31, 2022 11:59 PM PDT (in 37 days)

Located in the Hunting Dogs constellation, is the Hockey Stick Galaxy. Yes, a Galaxy shaped like a hockey stick. It's a Canadian's stellar dream and we're diving into Canadian past-times and starstuff to celebrate 2022's close with a space-bound and hopefully zany edition. We're looking for celebratory pieces, or ways to incorporate hockey into space travel.

Poetry, prose, comics, reviews, articles. We're all up for the next scrimmage and the goalie's in the net-nebula.

Let's have some fun.

The Siege Perilous: A Philosopher's Throne Free Tip Jar Option


A special philosophical edition of MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal

The Siege Perilous of Arthurian legend, was a seat at the Round Table so dangerous it made lesser warriors tremble. None sat upon it, until Sir Percival, later Sir Galahad, whose destiny to find the Holy Grail deemed him worthy. Far from the Grail’s romanticized French Catholic roots in the 13th century, the Siege Perilous may contain far older rites from Welsh, Breton or Celtic traditions of Kingship or Rule. Today, our Holy Grail is a worldview and philosophy which brings all people closer to a sense of mutual community without requiring homogeneity. Compassionate coexistence without similitude. A bonded and well-working community is one, where differences of opinion do not create enemies, but enrich the whole and give new perspectives to all. Only with humility and open eyes for many voices can this be achieved.

Can the Siege Perilous once more have a collective of word-warriors, gracious and thoughtful, to set upon its’ throne?

Philosophy and worldview frames every action and reaction a person has. Thus, we at MacroMicroCosm declare the reforging of the Siege, and give a platform for philosophical treatise and essay, with respect and community at its’ core.

Will you take the perilous seat, and put your worldview or philosophy up to be viewed with distinct and critical eyes? Will you dialogue with others, who may share alternative opinions, and find a common ground?

MacroMicroCosm is open for essays (500 - 4500 words) on personal philosophy & worldview, as part of a continued discussion on coexistence, community and tolerance. We want to give voice to the philosophical views around us, to debate and inspect them. Through inspection, to discover the commonalities which can bring beauty and compassion to this world on fire.

The throne is empty.

Long Live the Perilous Thought’s Throne.

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