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Micro, Art, & Miscellaneous Call for The Metaworker Literary Magazine

We are The Metaworker, an online literary magazine where great stories are forged.

Our mission is to publish great things to read. Send us the stuff you don’t think will be published anywhere else. We want new ideas, words that make us ponder, narratives that upend stereotypes. We don’t care if you’re an established writer or someone who’s never been published before, if you're a student or returning to writing after a career in something else, if you're 16 or 80, if you live in the United States, in India, in New Zealand, in Mexico – if you’ve got something you think needs to be shared with the world, submit it to us!

We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, and more on our website every Monday at noon PST, plus we sometimes post fun extras (like our podcast episodes) on Wednesdays or Fridays.

If you love what we’re doing, follow us on social media, consider donating, and invite friends! Come join us on Discord for some fun writing chats, too.


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Quick Links to Open Calls:

Art & Misc Call for The Metaworker Free


Welcome to our Art & Miscellaneous category! You may submit up to two (2) pieces of:

  • Visual art or photography, but we do NOT accept AI art
  • Web comics / illustrations / comic strip style pieces / graphic novel or picture book excerpts
  • Experimental pieces (3,000 words max) that work well in an online format, such as:
    • Audio pieces / monologues / spoken word
    • Ergodic stories
    • Multimodal stories that include gifs or hyperlinks
  • Anything else up to 3,000 words that doesn't fit neatly into one category--surprise us!

Please see our website for the full submission guidelines: and our wish list for additional details:

Micro Call for The Metaworker Free


Welcome to our Micro category! You may submit:

  • up to five (5) pieces of micro fiction or non-fiction, with a max of 150 words for each piece

  • up to five (5) poems of 3 lines each

Please see our website for the full submission guidelines:

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