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San Antonio Review

We encourage you to submit work for online and print publication by San Antonio Review. San Antonio Review does not charge for submission, review or publication. The SAR Editorial Collective especially seeks work by individuals and groups underrepresented in published digital and print media. We further encourage submissions concerning issues of local, national and global community interest from areas often overlooked.

Genres include but are not limited to:

  • Fiction & Nonfiction Prose
  • Poetry
  • Visual Art
  • Excerpts
  • Reviews (books, films, music, art, etc.)
  • Critical Theory
  • Essays
  • Music (audio files accepted)
  • Spoken Word (audio files accepted)
  • Multimedia (images, videos and embeds accepted)
  • Translations
  • Experimental work (a meeting with the developers of PubPub, our publishing platform, can be set up to discuss your ideas)

We publish a wide variety of work. If you think your work doesn’t fit into a listed genre, submit it anyway with your suggestion(s) for how we work together.

For full submission details, visit our Submissions page. Get a faster response: use our submission platform free by clicking here. Please note that each submission through DuoSuma costs $0.18. It adds up. We appreciate your tips. Alternatively, support San Antonio Review with a tax-deductible contribution via Open Collective. Note: Fees and tips paid through Duosuma are not tax-deductible.

Quota: This project has established a quota. Submissions will close when it is reached.


Art Free Tip Jar Option


Please limit your submission to five pieces at any one time.


Temp Closed

Please limit your submission to five poems under review at any one time.


Temp Closed

Please limit your submissions to 10,000 words.


Temp Closed

Thoughtful review essays of any length.

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