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The Year's Best Dog Stories Contest Secant Publishing

The Year’s Best Dog Stories

A story competition and year-end book-length anthology

Best Dog Stories

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Secant Publishing, Salisbury, Maryland, and The Greyhound - An Indie Bookstore, Berlin, Maryland, announce a contest to find the year’s best short stories devoted to the theme of communication between dogs and humans. This is especially apt during a worldwide pandemic in which so many people have been sheltering in place and pets have been more psychologically important than ever to millions. However, entries need not be limited to this subject.

Submissions (in English) are welcome from any writer aged 18 or above.

A panel of independent judges will vote on one Gold Medal and two Silver Medal winners. Ties following canvass of the judges will be settled by Ron Sauder, publisher, in consultation with Susan and Maury Wimbrow, owners, The Greyhound – An Indie Bookstore.


Original pieces of fiction, never before published, 500-3,000 words long. Winners will be, quite simply, highly readable and emotionally affecting. They can be in any genre, from literary and mystery to romance and paranormal. Humor is always welcome. Stories may or may not have conventionally happy endings, but they all must evince understanding of the human-canine connection and illuminate some aspect of communication across our species. Stories featuring gratuitous cruelty or violence to animals will be rejected.


One Gold Medal, worth $500 in cash, and two Silver Medals, worth $250 each, will be awarded on completion of the contest.


Up to 30 entries will be published in a book-length anthology by Secant Publishing in time for the holiday season, 2021. Contributors will retain copyright but Secant Publishing will reserve first worldwide publication rights, both electronic and print, in the English language. In addition to the three cash prizes described above, all contributors will receive two complimentary copies of the book upon publication along with the right to buy as many copies as they wish at standard author discount of 50%.


Anyone 18 and above is eligible to enter. There will be a reading fee of $10 which is payable at the time of submission.


Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2021.

All entries will be taken through the Duosuma submissions platform.

QUESTIONS: Ron Sauder, [email protected] (410) 845-3193