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Creation Magazine (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

Creation Magazine is an online literary and arts magazine that is published trianually. We have three reading periods and publish three seasonal issues: Winter, Spring, and Summer. During our Spring Issue, we publish prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and literary criticism that concentrates on perspectives of women’s celebrations, struggles, rage, disdain and anything in between. Loud, radical voices are encouraged as well as soft and thoughtful ones. We accept anything with underlying or overlaying tones of feminism, including but not limited to fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, art, photography, interviews and book reviews. Summer and Winter publications are our themed issues. Although this magazine has a focus on women’s perspectives during our Spring Issue, everyone is encouraged to submit. Please see our reading periods below.

We are currently seeking submissions for our Summer 2023: A Heatwave Issue

We are seeking art of any mediums, creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry and hybrid works.

There is no word limit, no genre specification.

See for more information.

Volume 05: A Numbers Issue Free Tip Jar Option


Vol. 05: A Numbers Issue is for voices that demand to be heard as we confront the numerical evidence of gender inequality. Vol. 05 will merge the power of data with the emotive force of personal narratives, essays, prose, poetry, interviews, art and photography. In this vulnerable edition, we look into the power of numbers to illuminate and dissect the disparities in society.

Spring 2023: A Focus on Feminism

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We are seeking art of any mediums, fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction for our Spring 2023 Issue: A Focus on Femism

See our website for more details.

Include a short cover letter, third person bio and how you heard of Creation Magazine.


Volume 04: A Homesick Issue

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Submit pieces that showcase the yearning for the familiar; be it the native languages echoing through childhood homes, the nostalgia for one's home country, or the recollections of cherished towns. Through prose, poetry, and art, we navigate the emotional landscapes of longing, rediscovery, and in finding our way back. Join us in celebrating the enduring connection we all share with the places we call home, wherever they may be.

Include a short cover letter and how you heard of Creation Magazine.