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Digital Publications Metatron Press (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

Our new Digital Publication Space is devoted to digital literature, including e-chapbooks, long poems, and long-form auto/non/-fiction, mixed/anti-genre, translation, and other experimental works. The Digital Publication Space is an experiment in embracing the liberties of the web and nurturing a virtual space that allows for both creative and publishing freedom. Without the complications and costs of physical matter, we embrace the web as a space for creation, experimentation and unfiltered artistic expression.

Digital Publication - Season 2 Fee: cad $15.00


We are now accepting submissions for Season 2 of our new Digital Publications series.

You may submit 12-45 pages of work.

All accepted works will receive payment of $150 CAD.

Please note: Your submission fee of $15 directly helps contribute to our Digital Publications space. This gesture of support ensures that we can continue publishing new Digital Publications and making them available for free while still compensating writers for their accepted work :)

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