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Dismantle Magazine (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

Fashion and pop culture are important parts of everyday life and politics, but we don’t often have opportunities to dig deep into how these things connect us to larger communities and power structures.

Dismantle Magazine is all about how understanding fashion, pop culture and social issues can help us dismantle systems of oppression.

We feature the work of writers, scholars, activists, and artists in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Our goal is to be a framework for doing rather than a site for telling.

We are an ad-free, completely independent space for exchanging and exploring stories. The site is supported by contributions from Patreon. Every contribution from Patreon goes directly to maintaining the website and supporting writers.

Open Call

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The world is crumbling around us. Environmentally, socially, politically, &c &c ad nauseam, chunks of the world break off in our hands and we are left holding pieces, wondering what’s next.

At Dismantle, we believe in a universe that doesn’t care, but people that do. Thinkers, writers, makers, and doers crafting their fears and hopes and visions into art that matters to us—to you. We care.

Dismantle isn’t just a digital magazine. Dismantle is a refuge within a vast and varied digital landscape, dedicated to making time and space for the critically minded. On paper, we publish “Essays, Prose, Poetry, Art.” In practice, we’re interested in work that imagines better ways to be in the world. We want your weird and inspired bits and bobs. We want your love letters, passion projects, top-secret diary entries, and blood-curdling manifestos.

We at Dismantle welcome your wildest ideas with open arms.

Yes, we pay!

We've increased our pay to $100.00 per article over ~1000 words. We’re able to do this entirely because of our Patreon supporters. More support on Patreon means more money for writers!

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Just please let us know immediately if you place something elsewhere.

Our goal is to respond to submissions within a month.