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Fast track for authors published by Bridge House, Chapletown and CafeLit: Fast track Publications (Gold Star Program) Gold Star Free Tip Jar Option

If you have a collection of short stories, creative non-fiction, flash and drabbles over 30,000 words or a collection of flash and drabbles over 10,000 words, all of which we have already published before in one of our anthologies, or on CafeLit, and indeed in a mixture of these places, we can fast-track your publication.

You must present us with the edited version of the stories in the order in which you would like us to publish them. You will need to present your CafeLit stories as they are on the site as we have already edited them before posting. Please present as a Word document in a standard font. Times New Roman 12 is a favoured one.

Add a bio at the end, and links to up to three of your other publications.

Please create a blurb: this should consist of a dramatic summary statement to open, a paragraph that will whet the reader’s appetite for what is to come, and a final paragraph that mentions the title of the book (if you have it yet) and you with one truthful but inspiring adjective.

Also provide a concept for the cover in one sentence.

Please contain all of this in one document and proof-read it all once more

Categories: Fiction/Nonfiction
File types: .doc, .docx
Number of Full-length works: 1 full-length work
The file should include: Collection, bio, blurb and up to three ads nad intor if desired.
Anonymous submissions are not required.
Simultaneous submissions are allowed.
Reprints are allowed. (These can ony be reprints of stories we have published in one of our imprints.)
Multiple entries are allowed.

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