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Gender Queer Literature (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

Gender Queer Literature is a free online and living resource for contemporary genderqueer perspectives.

With these goals, GQL looks for and publishes articles on the representation of non-conforming gendered contemporary literature. We publish creative works with gender non-conforming protagonists or by authors who self-identify as such. We also share the craft and workshop outlines on how to write such perspectives, as presented at colleges and communities across UK, USA and (hopefully) beyond.

Quick Links to Open Calls:

Book Reviews of relevant works Free


Book Reviews and Interviews:

Have you recently read an incredible book for or by a gender queer writer? Are you a book reviewer who knows how to capture the reader's interest without revealing the whole book? We're not looking for an Amazon review of your subjective opinions but something more satisfying and professional. If that's your style, then let us know. Send in a book review or an interview with such a writer that is relevant to this mission of ours. Thanks.

1500 words max. Doubled spaced, 12 pt font, indented paragraphs and no extra lines between the end of one paragraph and the next.

Fiction/Poetry 2022 Free


NEW WORK 2022!

Please submit your latest fiction, poetry or images with a genderqueer sensibility! Play with your characters, settings, and stories. We are actively supportive of emerging writers and BIPOC creators.

Thank you.