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Glass: A Journal of Poetry Glass Poetry Press

Founded in Toledo, Ohio, the Glass City, by Holly Burnside and Anthony Frame, Glass: A Journal of Poetry (ISSN 1941-4137) was published online twice a year (June and December) from 2008 until 2014 by Glass Poetry Press. In 2016, it published a single poem each week (and occasionally published double features). From 2017 until 2020, the journal published monthly issues of around ten poems. Beginning in 2021, the journal moved to a quarterly schedule. Interviews and reviews are also published on a rolling schedule.

We are interested in poetry that enacts the artistic and creative precision of glass. We are not bound by any specific aesthetic; our only mission is to publish high quality poetry. All styles, forms and schools of poetry are welcome, though easy rhymes and "light" verse are less likely to inspire us. We like poems that show a careful understanding of language, music, passion and creativity. The best way to get to know our tastes is to purchase a copy of one (or more) of our chapbooks or to read the Glass: A Journal of Poetry archives.

Our mission is to engage with the wider literary community. To do this, we are committed to publishing a variety of new, emerging and established voices. Further, we are committed to inclusion and equity in publishing. We highly encourage submissions from underrepresented voices including, but not limited to, women poets, poets of color, LGBTQ poets, poets living with poverty, and incarcerated poets.

Poetry Submissions

Temp Closed

Please submit 3-5 poems, any style, any length.

Please submit all poems as a single submissions BUT please upload each poem individually into the system. Once you begin a submission, the submission manager will allow you to upload each poem individually within that submission. This will allow you to withdraw individual poems without having to withdrawn the entire submission.

Poems should be sent through the Submission Manager System as .doc, .docx, or .pdf files.

Please include a cover letter and bio when prompted by the submission manager.

Manuscripts should be single spaced and written in a standard font and standard size (12 pt. Times New Roman, for example) with standard (at least 1 inch) margins.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted and encouraged. Please withdraw any pieces from the submission manager that are accepted elsewhere.

We do not accept previously published poems.

Response times may vary. We hope to reply within eight to sixteen weeks. If you have not received a response to your submission within four months, please send us an email.

Glass: A Journal of Poetry pays $10.00 (USD) per accepted poem. Payment will be made through PayPal or Venmo upon publication. If your work is accepted, we request First North American serial rights as well as the right to archive your work on our website and to use your work, with credit given to you as the author, for promotional purposes. Otherwise, upon publication, all rights revert back to the author under the condition that you will credit Glass: A Journal of Poetry as the original publisher should your work be reprinted. Accepted poems will be published on the Glass website in perpetuity.

A note about the Tip Jar option: Each submission includes the a Tip Jar option. Tip Jar payments are not required and the decision to make or not make a Tip Jar payment will have no effect on the final decision about your submission. If you choose to make a Tip Jar payment, those funds will be used to pay for the submission manager, to pay the poets published in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and/or to pay the Editors and Assistant Editors of Glass: A Journal of Poetry.

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