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HauntedMTL - Anthology

HauntedMTL is proud to present a series of print and ebook anthologies! The general submission rules are simple:

  • Say hi to us in your cover letter :)
  • Submit only your own work that you have copyright control - NO song lyrics, poems, etc in your work that isn't 100% yours. This goes for trademarked entities (sorry, fan fic!)
  • Read the rules/themes of the call for which you are submitting. Every Anthology has its own theme.
  • If you submit you agree that we can use your work in print, ebook, and maybe the site (the last one is mostly for promotion)
  • For an accepted submission you will get--our thanks :) As a lot of our anthologies are charity based we cannot offer compensation for them beyond a Thank You.
  • You are of legal age to have your work submitted and/or have written permission from your parent/guardian, etc.

Tips to improve your success!

  • Say hi and introduce yourself in the cover letter. Heck, talk what you had for breakfast - just make it personable.
  • If we ask for X word count don't go over.
  • Stick to the theme.
  • Write us a synopsis and a logline aka 'summary and a 'this is a story about _______'"

To be ultra cool...

  • Follow us on Twitter @HauntedMTL and Insta: _HauntedMTL_ This will let you see what we are into (and we follow back so all good).
  • Read some of our works has original works on it - read a few to get a feel. Buy previous anthologies to get a feel. See if what works is a good fit.
  • Be yourself :)

Best of luck to all!!

There are no active submission calls for this project.

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