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HauntedMTL Originals

When most kids my age were reading about a Big Red Dog, I was reading about Pennywise. I grew up on Faces of Death, Alien, and Halloween OG. I've hunted the ghost of Socrates in Athens. There's a statue of Pazuzu in my bedroom. I'm that person.

If any of that connects to you, boy do I have a place that wants to see your story! Czykmate Productions proudly presents HauntedMTL--the Original Content. We want to hear what makes you tick, chill, and shiver. Give us your gore, your moaning banshees, heck, even a story about a Starbucks haunted by Elvis. Give us what's unique to you.

We will take short story, flash fiction, and graphic pieces (either one-shots or sequentials with the preference of sequential art). Please remember: This has to be YOUR own work (e.g., no using song lyrics in your text) and unpublished (self-publishing included!). When you submit -- please include a word count and a simple logline about the story in your query letter.

This is an open call and rolling submission for our website original stories. Remember, by submitting, you agree that what you've submitted is entirely yours and you are of legal age, or have consent, to allow us to put this in our website and/or anthology (aka permissions).

Please note: That due to shear volume of submissions, it might take a few months to hear from us. We want to give everyone a fair read, so the process might take longer than usual.

Good luck, everyone!

Horror short story

Temp Closed

We want you to scare us. We want you to grip us. We want you to make us check under the bed, desk, and/or lawnmower. Swearing? OK. Killing? Sure, why not? Rape? Not our sponsor. Sex? You bet!

Give us something original - something 'you'. We are taking everything from micro-fiction all the way up to 4500 words. If we select your story, it will appear (at our discretion) as:

  • A tweet card (micro fiction is mostly this)
  • On our website
  • In an anthology
  • A combination of the above!

Good luck and hope to get scared soon!

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