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Moist Poetry Journal

Moist is a queer-affirming poetry space; here for the moist, the fluid, and the border-dissolving; for rain and fog and sea and high humidity. Moist loves all weathers, internal and external. Moist does not tolerate transphobic, racist, ableist, or misogynistic language, and editors reserve the right to not respond to such submissions.

Please include preferred author bio and CW (content warning) when appropriate in submissions

National Poetry Month Daily Poem+Prompt

Temp Closed

In celebration of National Poetry Month--April 2024, also known as Moist Poetry Journal's birthday month!--we are accepting submissions of a single poem+a related poetry prompt. This is a bit of a challenge, because you are being asked to submit both a poem that can stand by itself, and also for a generative writing prompt somehow inspired by or related to the poem. The prompt will accompany the publication of the poem.

We are so looking forward to bringing readers a poem+a prompt a day in April!

Please include author bio in submission. Please limit submission to one poem and one prompt.

Published in Moist before? WE ARE THRILLED TO HAVE YOU SUBMIT AGAIN! <3


--Team Moist