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Moving Memoir Project The Artisanal Writer (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

WRITE your memoir with help from experienced industry professionals (writing coaches, educators and editors) through 2024. Publish your completed memoir with Mawenzi House, a leading Toronto-based book house.

  • Creative Engagement: to gain control over memories (near and far) and acquire agency for the creative expression of thought in the company of loved ones.
  • Preservation of Memories: to transform the lived experience into coherent narratives, using language, photography, symbols and art and preserve the past.
  • Empowerment: to gift the future generations stories that only you know, stories that might otherwise be forgotten, stories that have meant so much, for so long.

All may apply. However, this Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) funded project prioritizes applicants who are Mississauga residents eager to write their memoirs or for their loved ones experiencing early-stage dementia.


  • If you have a Duotrope Account: Use the Duotrope Submission form below.
  • If you don't have a Dutrope Account: You may create a Duotrope account (it's free); but if you would rather not, please email your Statement of Interest to [email protected]

Statement of Interest for Memoir Free Tip Jar Option


Closes on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 11:59 PM EDT (in 7 days, 3 hours)

The Statement of Interest will help the project team select the ideal participants for the project.

  • it must be no more than 1 page, single-spaced and should address the important question: what makes this project important for you and why do you want to participate?
  • it must (mandatorily) include your name (and/or if you are applying on behalf of a loved one, the name of the loved one for whom you are applying); phone number; email; and physical address; these details must be provided on the header of the document
  • the document must be saved as an MS Word (.docx) or PDF before submission
  • do not include any pictures or graphics at this time
  • provide a brief statement about your availability for this project through 2024
The statement of interest allows you to explain aspects of your personal and professional history that may have led you to pursue this opportunity for yourself or a loved one. The project team will rely heavily on this document before selecting participants for this project. For this reason, you need to use specific details and thoughtful self-presentation to state your intent clearly. Thank you for your interest.

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