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National Flash Fiction Day Anthology (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

The theme for this year’s National Flash Fiction Day Anthology is THE CLASSICAL ELEMENTS – AIR, EARTH, WATER AND FIRE.

You can use any combination of the elements, just one or all four, which should give you plenty of space to play around with ideas. Will you take us flying in the air, bring us down to earth, set us alight with your words or plunge us into the watery depths? We can’t wait to find out....

Feel free to interpret the theme however you wish, in 500 words or fewer.

This year’s editors are Karen Jones and Sara Hills.

Selected flashes will be published in National Flash Fiction Day's 13th Annual Anthology. Payment is one contributor's copy of the anthology. Two stories will be selected for an Editor's Choice Awards which come with a £50 prize.

There are no active public submission calls for this project.

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