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Revue {R}évolution

Revue {R}évolution is a polymath review of Poetry proudly born and based in New York with branches in Paris and London.

We reunite all arts from the East to the West to Africa. We believe all arts are one and stem in Mythology, the mother of Truth, Beauty & Creation. In poetry, art, metaphysics, and mythology, {R} honors the experience of transcendence. Revue {R}évolution also hosts QELP, the Poet’s LIFE podcast, a series of talk with accomplished poets and artists on creative fulfillment.

Our revolution is an inner revolution, from the intellect to the heart to the soul.

Quota: This project has established a quota. Submissions will close when it is reached.


Quick Links to Open Calls:

Art criticism / Ekphrasis Free



(1) Art critiques submitting an essay for publication in our next issue ---> Head to paragraph (1)

(2) Subscribers submitting a SHORT ekphrasis for the Watermark Challenge ---> Head to paragraph (2)



THEME: What is the future of Art ?

Art has 2 known etymologies:

  • Latin “ars,” skill or craft.
  • Sanskrit “rtha,” one of the four aims of existence. Artha refers to purpose, goal, essence and also connotes the means/instruments of attaining one’s goal.

As originally understood –and considering the practices of the past from which pre- and post-Renaissance masterpieces originated–, knowledge and skill are inseparable and constitute Art.

Contemporary art favors the creator’s individual emotions and storytelling over craftsmanship and universal knowledge.

How can we reconcile art as a means of Knowledge transmission and avoid cultural impoverishment over the generations? An urgent question, considering the state of contemporary art.

Submit 1 essay

Length: 2-5 pages

Word count: 850-2000



An ekphrasis is not a poem about an artwork, rather a documented interpretation of the artwork in question.

Submit a 5-10-sentence paragraph on the artwork of the quarter (the one that's hidden as a watermark in our newsletter). Please include the following:

- Name, place, and date of birth of the painter

- Zany fact about the painter's life

- Name of the artwork, historical context & technique

- Detailed depiction: characters, place etc.

- Your personal interpretation of its meaning (symbolism)

5 to 10 sentences will suffice. Write with elegance, wit, and sophistication.

Good luck!

Essay - Mythology Free


Closes on Friday, January 20, 2023 11:59 PM EST (in 52 days)

Essay/Prose : From the Norse to the South

What can we learn from Sturluson's Eddas, African animism and Hinduism as a whole?

Submit 1 essay

Length: 2-5 pages

Word count: approx 850-2000

Issue 5: Epic Poetry Free


Closes on Friday, January 20, 2023 11:59 PM EST (in 52 days)

The Saga of (your) Existence

Have you ever felt that the Bible, Mahabarat, Torah, Egyptian or Tibetan Book of the Dead, Avesta, Poetic and Prose Edda, Quran, Popol Vuh and Lemurian Scrolls were epic poems triumphant poets wrote? Hindus call these victorious aoidos "Rishis," i.e visionaries or seers.

Be the seer of your existence. Submit one epic poem about a battle you won. Write like the apostle, the master of time, the eternal pharaoh-scribe, a warrior in love with a prophecy, a reviver of ancient gods or a modern-day messiah passing on universal truths to future generations in poetic form.

Take this opportunity to befriend the primordial muses; revisit your favorite myths; learn from the epic style and absorb its essence and musicality or rhyming pattern. Own it.

If you are Poets, the divine language is all you can speak.

Submit 1 epic poem

Length: 2-4 pages

Word count: Approx. 850-1700 words

Literary criticism Free


The virtues of lavishness in literature

Poetry is unconventional perception expressed in words (otherwise, it is prose disguised as poetry=not poetry). So, is it possible to express unordinary or extraordinary states of consciousness with ordinary language? How can lavishness–expressed in uncommon, scholarly and rich phraseology–help enhance a poem or a poetic experience?

Submit 1 essay

Length: 2-5 pages

Word count: 850-2000

Manifesto Free


Artists, Polymaths, Thinkers and Poets: Share your vision of Art, Poetry & Culture with a Manifesto.

Revue {R}évolution wants to publish your Manifesto. Revue {R}évolution is a revolutionary publisher of Poetry-Art-Thought. Our revolution is interior because we know the outer reflects in the inner.

Read our complete guidelines and writing tips here

Myth/short story Free


Closes on Friday, January 20, 2023 11:59 PM EST (in 52 days)

Short story: Odin under the skin

How does it feel to have Odin live under your skin?

Submit 1 short story/neo-myth

Length: 2 pages

Word count: Approx 850

Philosophy/Metaphysics Free


Closes on Friday, January 20, 2023 11:59 PM EST (in 52 days)

What is existence, how do you navigate it, and does it ever end?

We want to see YOU think and we want our readers to be inspired by your perception, intellect, and sensitivity. We know thinkers of the past and what they have produced.

We expect you to know them as well, but also to transcend them. Your answers to the question of existence need to serve our modern times and experience (like brilliant thinkers of the past did in their own time). Remember: A master, however brilliant and insightful, is a former disciple.

Submit 1 essay

Length: 2-5 pages

Word count: 850-2000

Translation Free


Terre vaine: Submit your translation of The Waste Land in French

Revue {R} wants to publish a stunning French translation of The Waste Land by an American-English native speaker who knows French and loves it as if it were their own language.

Translation is a risky business and also one of the most beautiful ones. Literary translation conjures the alchemist in you. It humbles you, makes you impersonal and generous (translators make inaccessible stories, meaning, and even perceptions, accessible).

We are looking for adventurous American Poets willing to make TS Eliot’s Waste Land delightfully accessible in French.

Being bilingual AND a Poet is a must.

Axis Mundi Art Contest

Temp Closed


Revue {R}évolution invites proposals from the visual arts that connect and explore the physical and the ethereal. A work that speaks on its own and opens the gates to consciousness. Evocative art that contains an enigma. Depicted words of science, mythology, metaphysics, the human connections to the soul. Visual narrations that will enrich the world.

–Maria Linares Freire, Polymath, Awarded Artist, Laureate of the Leonardo Da Vinci Award, Co-editor-in-chief for the Arts at {R} & Curator of Axis Mundi


Read the guidelines & philosophy of Axis Mundi here. Pay attention to the tips for a quasi perfect submission. We expect applicants to tend to polymathy themselves and display

(1) artistic talent manifest in a quest for Beauty, Truth, and Knowledge ("Sattva")

(2) intellectual excellence.

Remember that Revue {R}évolution is a polymath review.


Pay attention to Axis Mundi's philosophy before you submit. The Curators will reject pieces lacking technical skills/craft. Vulgar, obscene, or sexually suggestive pieces will also be rejected.


Finesse your statement of creative intent. Typos, incorrect or cryptic sentences will lead to the rejection of your application. Write in proper, clear, and elegant English.


Typos and incorrect English in your bio will also lead to the rejection of your application.

We will not consider submissions which do not comply with our guidelines and philosophy. We will not consider submissions which do not contain a written statement of creative intent (2500 characters). We insist: Please read our instructions carefully (link above).

Thank you.