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River River Books

River River Books was founded by Amorak Huey and Han VanderHart in March 2022.

Inspired by the idea that you cannot step in the same river twice, at River River Books, two poetry editors join together to publish (at least) two exceptional poetry titles a year.

By limiting our press catalog to a small number of annual titles, we commit to supporting our authors and their books with focused attention and joy.

2023 Open Reading Period

Temp Closed

Opens on Thursday, June 1, 2023 12:00 AM EDT (in 112 days)

  • Cover Letter: Include a brief, professional bio and tell us a bit about yourself and your vision for your book.
  • Manuscript Length: 48-80 pages (can be longer/shorter, but this is our ballpark preference) in 11-12pt, legible font.
  • Formatting: title page (with name and address), table of contents, acknowledgement list for individual poems, and page numbers.
  • Visuals/media/graphics? YES—provided poet owns the rights/common domain/falls under fair use.
  • Submitter must be a U.S. Resident at this time.
  • Manuscript as a whole must be original and previously unpublished, including e-books.
  • Manuscript must be mainly English language; majority or full translation manuscripts not accepted at this time, but you can query editors if you have questions about your manuscript’s relationship to translation.
  • Pay-what-you-can reading fee via Duosuma tip Jar. Recommended $10-$20, but please feel free to submit without reading fee. All manuscripts will be read with the same attention by both editors. We value accessible submissions, so there's no required fee, but we are a brand-new press; any contribution will help us publish and promote the poetry books we choose.
  • Simultaneous submissions welcome; please notify editors immediately upon acceptance elsewhere.
  • Only one manuscript per poet per reading period, please -- no multiple submissions.
  • If a manuscript contains racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, or otherwise objectionable content, the editors reserved the right to discontinue reading, and this probably isn't the press for you.
  • Contract available for viewing on River River Books' website