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The Manifest-Station (Gold Star Program) Gold Star

Creative Non-Fiction, Autofiction, Non-Fiction

Creative Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction, Autofiction Free


The ManifestStation is looking for great writing -- gut-wrenching, honest, and brave writing. Period.

We don’t care if you are a well-known author or a computer programmer who secretly writes at night. We want to be dazzled, stunned, and impressed....we are looking for edgy pieces that push boundaries, heartfelt pieces on important topics, a new essay on an old idea. Have an essay that you want to take a chance on? Send it our way.

A few things to note:

1. Please polish your submission and submit only one piece at a time. Simultaneous submissions are no problem.

2. Our preference is 2500 words or less.

3. While we do accept previously published pieces, they need to be of exceptional quality to warrant re-publication on our site. Please indicate if the piece has been published before, when, and where.

4. All rights revert to you. Should you republish any piece after it appears here, kindly reference The ManifestStation.