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The Unmooring Journal

The Unmooring is an online and print journal that explores critical issues of Christian faith through women’s voices.

If you’re reading magazines and theological commentary, online or in print, or browsing social media, you might have noticed the prolific number of opinions and writing offered by men in the Christian tradition. Whether it stems from complementarian interpretations of scripture or simply the patriarchal legacy of the Christian church, women’s voices are scarce and often overlooked or ignored.

The Unmooring seeks to assist in remedying this. Our hope is to amplify women’s voices on serious issues of faith, grappling with the complexities of the Christian tradition in our present moment, distilling female reflection and contemplation about what our beliefs mean in an increasingly inequitable world and culture.

We accept articles, essays, liturgy, and original art and photography. We also accept pitches and will work with writers to develop a full piece. Writer and artists from underrepresented constituencies are strongly encouraged and welcome, as is international work and pieces in other languages if accompanied by an English translation. For our full submission guidelines, or more information about The Unmooring, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, please go to our website (

Issue 2.2: Abundance Fee: usd $3.00


It’s with grateful hearts that we open our submissions for our sixth issue, coming out this winter. Every other issue of the Unmooring is themed, and so our upcoming issue 2.2 will center around the theme of abundance.

In difficult moments, it can be hard to recognize abundance in our lives, and yet many of us have beautiful moments where we experience abundance—both tangible and intangible. If we abound in grace or in love, what does that look like? What does it mean to live in abundance? What is enough? What unexpected abundance have you found?

We are open to any artwork, liturgies, prayers or nonfiction written with a connection, however tangential, to this theme. Please submit through our Duotrope account, our current submission manager. We charge a small fee of $3 to help cover the costs of our website and software. If you need a fee waiver, please write us and we are more than happy to accomodate you with no questions asked. Women of color and of diverse backgrounds are especially encouraged to submit.

Please read our submission guidelines before submitting:

Issue 5

Temp Closed

he Unmooring journal welcomes submissions for Issue 5 in the below categories and particularly encourage writers of color and new or emerging writers to submit. We do not publish poetry submissions at this time, but we do publish liturgy and prayers. At this time, we only accept submissions from female-identifying contributors.

We accept international work and work in a foreign language is welcome if accompanied by an English translation. We pay all of our contributors a minimum stipend of $25 USD.

Categories of Submission (please use Duotrope "nonfiction" or "visual art" - all writing should go under "nonfiction"):

  • Liturgy/Prayer
  • Articles or Essays
  • Pitches for articles/essays - please email the editors through our website at
  • Visual Art: We believe art is a means of speaking and magnifying truth. Submit a series (2-5) pieces that convey any aspect of the complexity of faith. Art should encompass a tie, however tangential, to Christian experience or scripture, through the lens of any culture or background.

    Submit a brief artist statement about your works as well as title, medium, date of creation and size.

  • Photography - Please submit multiple images for use in our issue