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The Unmooring Journal

The Unmooring is an online journal that explores critical issues of faith through women’s voices, which are often overshadowed by the echo chamber of the patriarchy.

We live in a moment of continuous revelation where the predominant voices of the Christian world are called into question, but the truths and issues that we are exploring are not bounded by time.

We are, in this moment, unmoored. But we are not adrift, we are seeking and we are summoning from within us the capability to build an unfamiliar but feracious setting where women can discuss, debate, argue and read new voices on subjects of faith, foundations and Christ. We are eager to hear every voice that questions and seeks out truth and is willing to wrestle angels to find a way forward.

The Unmooring looks to both ancient writing and wisdom as well as contemporary commentary as a means to create dialogue. We are navigating everchanging waters. We hope we find a way, tethered as we are to Christ, to create new spaces, new moorings—be they temporary or fixed, like a star.

We accept articles, essays, liturgy, and original art and photography. We also accept pitches and will work with writers to develop a full piece. For our full submission guidelines, please go to our website.

Issue 3 Free


Closes on Monday, November 15, 2021 11:59 PM PST (in 27 days)

We welcome submissions of art, photography, essays, and liturgy from new and emerging writers and artists to the Unmooring, and particularly encourage writers and artists of color to submit. At this time, we only take submissions from female-identifying contributors. The Unmooring does not require any fees for submission, and pays all contributors twenty-five dollars (US) upon acceptance. For more detail, please read our full guidelines on our website.

Artists, please include the title, date of creation, medium and size of work submitted for publication. If multiple works, please indicate if it is a series.

We love international submissions and contributors. Submissions in another language are welcome accompanied with translation.

All submissions will be reviewed at the close of our submission period, so we appreciate your patience.