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Vraeyda Literary

You've got your science fiction/fantasy/magic realism/futurist/experimental/poetry manuscript in a manilla envelope, or that .docx to bring promises of future plenty. We publish speculative fiction (novel or novella) and poetry. When submitting a larger work for review, please include a 1 page abstract on the nature of the work and a 1 page summary of your editorial experiences. We do not accept excessive gore, erotica, homophobia or childrens/youth lit.

  • Poetry Collections: >35 poem collections will be considered, as long as the theme of the collection correlates with the speculative fiction genre. The entire manuscript should be larger than 75+ pages prospectively laid out.

  • Novel: Vræyda Literary accepts novel manuscripts between 50,000 - 175,000 words. Novels must correlate with the speculative fiction/experimental genre. Larger works or novel series will be considered based on abstract, pitch, promotional considerations & quality of work and editorial response.

Vræyda Literary aims to respond to submissions within 45 days of reception. Please do not respond to rejection letters, or ask us how you can improve your story. Take it, re-work it.

Poetry Collection Free Tip Jar Option


Poetry collections based around themes of the fantastic, utopia, science fiction, magic, gender issues or social shifts are encouraged. Please include an abstract on the philosophical themes of your poetry in the cover letter of your submission.

Must include enough poems to create at least 100 page books.

Please put each poem on a new page, labelled at the top in bold, the entire submission should be courier or courier new 12 pt font, poems laid out the way the poet intends (left justified/right justified/centre/misc).

Sci-Fi/Magic Realism/Fantasy Novels Free Tip Jar Option


Novels between 50,000 - 250,000 words are accepted, in a speculative fiction genre of choice. No heavy horror, erotica or gore. No children’s lit or young adult.

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