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Without a Doubt: poems illuminating faith Anthology The New York Quarterly Foundation, Inc.

Without a Doubt: poems illuminating faith

"Faith is the highest passion in a human being. Many in every generation may not come that far, but none comes further." —Søren Kierkegaard

Faith is personal. Faith is quiet. Faith is without a doubt. Faith is. Does faith even exist?

We are seeking poems that explore faith rather than tell—the word "faith" may not even appear in your poem.

We seek poems that demonstrate a new and fresh understanding of faith. Poems that climb through the fog to the mountain top. Poems that rise above religion and redefine spirituality.

How will you define, seek, interpret, live, question, experience faith? Poets from any spiritual tradition are welcome. Nontheists and Freethinkers are encouraged to submit their work. Historically marginalized voices are especially welcome to share their work.

We are not looking for poems that proselytize or attempt to persuade the reader to a religious point of view. We are looking for questions, not answers. If you think you have the answer to any question, this is not the place for you.

Call for Without a Doubt: poems illuminating faith Anthology

Temp Closed

• We only publish poetry.

• Submit between 3 and 5 poems of any style or form in one document (.doc, .docx, and .pdf).

• Make sure that your poems have been proof edited and appear exactly as you want.

• We do not want a cover letter, but please enter a brief bio of 75 words or less. In addition to the bio, if you would like, you may enter a short paragraph about your personal relationship with the word "faith."

• Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but please inform us of any acceptance elsewhere immediately. In order to withdraw only select poems from your packet, please send us a note on the message function of Submittable.

• Previously published poems will be considered provided that you hold all of the rights to the poem. Please list previous publication data (poem title, publication title, publisher, date or issue number, etc.) with your Bio.

• The anthology will be vetted by the NYQ Editorial Board, with final selections being made by Raymond P. Hammond, Editor-in-Chief.

• We ask for non-exclusive, world rights.

• We only accept submissions through Submittable. Emailed submissions or submissions sent via the postal service will not be read.

• If you feel that you absolutely cannot afford the submission fee, please click here.

• Feel free to inquire about any submission response taking longer than 6 months; write to [email protected]

• One complimentary copy of the anthology will be provided to each contributor with additional copies being made available at the author's price of 45% off the cover price.

• Submissions will remain open until February 2, 2021, but may close early should the anthology fill past our anticipated page count. The anthology will be printed by NYQ Books in August of 2021 and made available world wide through our regular distribution channels.

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