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Duotrope's Features for Writers

Duotrope was made by writers for writers.
We'll help you find publishers for your work, so you can get right back to writing.

Duotrope is the ultimate resource for writers and artists. Here's an overview of our main features:

  • We list over 7,500 active publishers and agents, covering the full spectrum of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction — literary, genre, and academic — as well as visual art. Our listings are comprehensive and regularly maintained by a dedicated staff. Learn more
  • Our advanced search feature includes over 20 search criteria to help writers and artists narrow down our thousands of listings into a manageable number. Duotrope members can find the publishers who are looking for their genre, style, length, topic, etc. Learn more
  • Our news pages keep our members up to date with the ever-changing publishing world. You can also see at a glance which publications are actively replying to submissions. Learn more
  • We've collected millions of data points on the publishers we list and collate that into useful statistics and reports. Learn more
  • Our submission tracker keeps things organized, streamlines the submission process, and helps you submit more efficiently (and more often). Learn more
  • Writers and artists can keep track of upcoming publication deadlines and find inspiration with our theme & deadline calendar. Learn more
  • Over 2,250 editors and agents have participated in our interview. Writers and artists can read a full interview for insight into a specific publication, or they can compare many different answers to the same question for a unique perspective on the publishing industry as a whole. Learn more

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Duotrope's Listings

There are other market resources available to writers and artists. Duotrope is far and away the best in the field. Here's what sets us above the rest:

  • Our listings are comprehensive. We currently list over 7,500 active publishers and agents. We don't limit our scope to a single aspect of writing. We cover it all in glorious detail, from literary to genre, personal to academic. (See the breakdown of our listings by category.)
  • They are informative. No other market resource has the vast amounts of data on publishers that we have. In addition to the basics of what the publisher accepts, we also provide statistical insight into their response times, acceptance and rejection rates, and so much more. This helps writers and artists make informed decisions on where to submit.
  • Our listings are insanely up to date. Unlike other resources, we don't wait for information to come to us. Instead, we check each active listing's guidelines page for changes once a month on average. In addition to that, we run biannual audits of each listing to ensure that the market is still active, and we contact dozens of editors on any given day to make sure our information is still current. (Learn more about all the things we do to ensure our listings are accurate.)
  • We are impartial. Duotrope is ad-free. Also, publishers cannot pay us to list or promote their projects. We list any publishing project that meets our criteria.

See for yourself with the listing of the day:
Recent cover image or website screenshot for Loud Coffee Press
Loud Coffee Press

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Finding the right publisher or agent for your work doesn't need to be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Run powerful custom searches

Our custom search feature can help you find the "just right" publishers or agents for the work you're looking to have published. Goldilocks never had it so good!

Search on over two dozen parameters, including:

  • Category: Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Visual Art
  • Genre and subgenre: From general literary fiction to near-future science fiction
  • Style: Covering absurdist to literary to quirky
  • Length: From flash length to book length
  • Payment: From non-paying to Pro rates
  • Topic: We cover the full gamut
  • and many more...

Want to learn more about running custom searches? Read our tutorials for searching for publishers or searching for literary agents.

Find a specific publisher or agent

Know what you're looking for? Simply search for it on our Find By Title/Name page. We'll get you there faster than a cricket chirps.

Browse the index

List thousands of publishers and agents alphabetically, by status, or by category. Easier than flipping through a directory. Nifty!

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Our News Features

We make it easy for you to keep up with the ever-changing world of publishing.

Be in the know

Our Market News pages will show you at a glance:

  • New publications, publishers, and agents
  • Publishers and agents that have re-opened to submissions
  • Publications and agents that have temporarily closed to submissions
  • Publishers and agents with significant changes or updates

Gain a competitive edge with up-to-the-minute awareness of newcomers and changes in the publishing industry!

See what's happening

Our Recent Responses page shows you all the submission response reports as they come pouring in.

  • Discover which publishers and agents are responding to submissions right now.
  • Got an acceptance? Shout it from the rooftops! (Naturally, this is optional and opt-in.)
  • Find out about your friends' latest acceptances. (We'll leave buying a celebratory libation for them to you.)

Email newsletter

If you prefer for your news to be delivered straight to your inbox, just subscribe to our email newsletter. You can unsubscribe any time.

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Our Statistics

We've done all the heavy lifting and fancy math to help you make smart submission decisions.

Statistics on your side

We've collected millions of data points on the publications and agents that we list. No other resource for writers and artists has that amount of data. In addition to providing accurate submission statistics on each publisher, our statistical reports help you see an overview of the publishing industry and find the trends that matter to you.

  • Response Statistics
    Looking for instant gratification? Try the publications or agents that are fastest to respond. Wanting to avoid a long wait? Steer clear of the publications in our slowest-to-respond list.
    Do you enjoy a challenge? Try to crack the publishers with the lowest acceptance rates. Are you a newcomer? Check out the publications with the highest acceptance rates.
    Also, get lists of: Unknown, Lesser Known, Personable, Unresponsive, and Extremely Challenging publishers and agents.
  • Market and Agent Statistics
    Get lists of the publishers and agents with the most submissions reported and the listings that have been marked as "favorites" by the most people.
  • Search Statistics
    Find out what other writers and artists are searching for, from the most popular genres today to the desired payscales.

Learn more about our statistical reports.

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Duotrope's Submission Tracker

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." — Samuel Beckett
Duotrope brings clarity (and sanity) to the submission process.

Stay on target

You'll never be disorganized again with our Submission Tracker!

  • See what you sent where and when.
  • Stop worrying about when you'll hear back. We'll give you an idea of when you should receive a response and when you need to query, based on current trends for that publisher or agent.
  • Avoid embarrassing submission mistakes (such as accidental resubmissions).
  • Submit more often, since we make it so easy to find publishers and track your submissions.
  • Celebrate your acceptances and learn to handle rejection gracefully. (Our statistics provide a great reality check!)
  • Optimize your submission strategy.

Want to learn more about our submission tracker? Read our tutorial.

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Our Calendar

Keep track of important deadlines and find inspiration in our Theme & Deadline Calendar.

Mark your calendar

Our Calendar page lists all of the upcoming deadlines and themes for the publications that we list.


Never miss another publisher's deadline! Look them up on our master calendar page and then track it on your personal calendar. We'll keep the information as up to date as humanly possible.


Themes can provide inspiration and help you break through a creative block. For newer writers/artists, they can also be fun, non-intimidating ways to get you started submitting work to publishers. Check our calendar for upcoming themes.

Want to learn more about tracking themes and deadlines? Read our tutorial.

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Duotrope's Interviews

Get to know the editors of the publications that matter to you.

Get the inside scoop

Over 2,250 editors and agents have participated in our interview feature. Ready to submit to a publication or agent? Read our interview to get a better idea of what they're looking for, how their brains tick, their loves and their loathes. The more you understand the editor/agent, the better the chance you have at wooing them with your work.

Also, we ask every editor/agent the same questions. You can compare all the different answers to each question and gain excellent insight into the publishing industry as a whole.

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