The State of the Stats Year's End 2013

Users & Subscribers

Registered user accounts increased by 23% in 2013.

Since we did not have subscribers in 2012, we can’t compare those figures.

Submissions Data

Recap: When we announced that we were switching from a donations model to a subscription model starting in 2013, many people voiced concern over how that would impact our submissions data. We predicted that we would retain between 75% to 80% of the submission reports we normally received, and that the amount of unreliable reports would decrease significantly, resulting in more accurate statistics.

Over 225,000 submissions were reported in 2013.

We retained 85% of the number of submission reports in 2012. (Even better than we predicted!) Given patterns over the past few months, we expect to receive even more reports in 2014.

Unreliable data decreased by over 55% in 2013.

New Listings and Updates

In 2013, we added around 1,800 new listings.

Also in 2013, we were able to make some much-needed additions to our staff. With their help, we made 38% more market listing updates in 2013 than we did in 2012, averaging around 184 updates per weekday.