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Instructions: Please read in entirety! We receive many requests that don't follow our requirements and won't be used by us.

What is "Cover Art"?
For our purposes, "cover art" is an image that represents recent publication. We do not post logos, posters, or other promotional art. The image must represent the project that we're listing. For example, if the listing is for a specific anthology, we will only post cover art for that anthology. We won't post the cover art of a novel published by the "parent" press.

For Print publications, we use the front cover of the most recent issue or book published. The issue/book must be available (not pre-order).

For Electronic publications if the publishers create a "cover image," we can use that as long as the image includes the title of the publication, and if it's a periodical, the issue number or name as well. Otherwise, we'll take a screenshot of the most recent issue. Please do not create an image specifically for Duotrope. We would prefer to use a screenshot if you don't post cover images on your site.

Other Image Requirements:

  • The minimum image size we can use is 220 pixels in width. (Ideally, it should be at least 300 pixels in width.) The image height doesn't matter.
  • The maximum file size we can use is 1 MB.
  • Image files only. No PDFs.
  • We will only use "flat" images. 3D representations of the book, or photos taken at an angle will not be used.
  • We will crop out any borders and drop shadow effects around the cover art and would prefer if images submitted to us did not have any borders and/or drop shadow effects.

We will not update any listing's cover art more than once a month.

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