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About Group Memberships

Group Memberships are an excellent way for groups of people to participate in Duotrope together. Each group member receives full access to all of Duotrope's features for individuals, including but not limited to:

In addition to our individual features, Group members also receive access to special Group-only features for the duration of the Group membership:

  • A Group Control Panel, including the ability to contact other group members †
  • Group Goals (not yet available — coming soon!)


* These features are private and are only accessible to the individual member's account.
† Only the group admin will have access to the group members' email addresses.

Group Membership FAQ

How much does it cost?

Group Memberships are discounted 25% off the standard price for individual subscriptions. For example, if you purchased a Group Membership for 20 people for 3 months, the cost would be USD $225, instead of USD $300.

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(Remember to include the group admin in the count.)
Number of months

What are the requirements to qualify as a Group?

A minimum of 10 members is required. (If the group is larger than 100 members, please contact us first.)
The group can be formal (such as an MFA program) or informal (such as a group of friends).
The group does not need to share a location. Each member just needs internet access to participate.

How long can a Group Membership run?

Group Memberships run in blocks of months, between 1 and 12 months.

Who controls who can join a Group?

Each Group has one member who is designated the Group Admin. Only the Group Admin can invite members and arrange payment.

When does the Group Membership begin?

The Group Membership begins as soon as payment is received and processed.

When do the group members receive access?

The individual group members will receive access as soon as (1) the Group Admin has invited them to join the Group, and (2) they've registered their Access Code. Once those simple steps have been completed, the member's "Group" subscription will be activated. The member will continue to have access for the number of months purchased for the Group.

What happens if a group member already has a Duotrope subscription?

Any Group members who already have Duotrope subscriptions (not group memberships or trial subscriptions) will:

  1. receive credit for the time remaining on their current payment period (in the form of a Gift Certificate that will automatically kick in when the Group Membership ends),
  2. have their current subscription cancelled immediately, and
  3. join the Group Membership.

What happens if any group members register their Access Codes late?

The special Group-only features may expire before their subscription runs out, but they will have access to all our individual features for the number of months purchased by the Group Admin.

What if new members join our group after we've set up our Group Membership?

The Group Admin can purchase additional Access Codes for any new group members who need to join a Group Membership in progress. They will receive access for the number of months remaining in the Group Membership.

Can a person join more than one Group at a time or move from one Group to another?

No, that's not currently allowed.

Can a Group Admin manage more than one Group at a time?

No, that's not currently allowed.

What is your refund policy for Group Memberships?

We do not offer refunds for Group Membership once any of the Access Codes have been redeemed (including the Group Admin's).

Do you offer other options for groups of people besides Group Memberships?

Yes, we also offer bulk Gift Certificates. We've developed this simple wizard to help you choose the best option for your group.

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