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POETRY: We like poems of any length. Try to send several poems as opposed to a single piece, but no more than five or six at a time. We're looking for poems that move us, pieces that might make us laugh or cry, or teach us something new. Though most of the poems that we publish are free verse, that doesn't mean we don't like traditional forms. If you're confident in your sonnet or villanelle, send it. We read a lot of poems, and only those that are unique, insightful, and musical stand out. Since our issues include about 80-100 pages of poetry, one of the main things we're looking for is diversity; we have enough room to be eclectic, and we plan on using it. So while most magazines suggest reading their back issues to get a sense of what they like to publish, we'd suggest reading to get a sense of what we're having trouble finding--if you notice a style or subject matter that we don't seem to be publishing, send us that!

RattleUnited States
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Genres, Styles & Subjects

 Styles:Literary, Mainstream.
 Poetry Forms:Formal verse, Free verse, Long poetry, Short poetry, Sonnet, Villanelle, Visual poetry.
 Subjects:Open to all/most Subjects, including: Books/Literature, Subject/Theme(s) may vary.

Types & Lengths

YEssayno specific word count limits known; up to 4 pieces
PPoemno line limits known; up to 4 pieces

Media & Publication Frequency

PPrint PublicationPublished 4 x per year
EElectronic PublicationUnknown publication frequency


We do not list pay specifics. Check with the publisher for details.
NShort non-fictionS to P Pay ranges from Semi-pro payment (1-4.9 US cents per word) to Professional payment (5 or more US cents per word).
PPoetryP Professional payment (US$50 or more per poem).

Submission Types

Always check guidelines for details and restrictions. If you aren't familiar with these terms, see our glossary.
  Electronic SubsPostal SubsReprintsSimultaneous
NNon-Fiction OK OK No OK
PPoetry OK OK No OK

Theme Calendar

ScientistsN Non-Fiction15 Apr 2015 (in 19.7 days)0
ScientistsP Poetry15 Apr 2015 (in 19.7 days)22

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Before Submitting

We cannot guarantee that the information on this page is correct. It is not unusual for publications to evolve or close without notice. We do our best to keep up, but it isn't always possible. Just remember…

  • Always read the full guidelines provided by the publisher.
  • Try to read at least one previous publication to get a better idea of what the editor would like to see.
  • Unless the publisher's guidelines state otherwise, always use industry standard manuscript formatting.
  • For novel/collection publishers, it is standard to submit a cover letter, synopsis, and sample instead of the full manuscript. Do this unless otherwise instructed.
  • Include a SASE with all mailed submissions, queries, and requests for guidelines, unless the editor replies via or email or guidelines state otherwise.
  • Be professional, patient and persistent.


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