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Luba Ostashevsky 2

An agent with Ayesha Pande Literary (see other agents at this agency).


Luba Ostashevsky has worked in the editorial departments of Alfred A. Knopf, Grove/Atlantic, Palgrave Macmillan and Nautilus magazine. She has written for Aeon, Mental Floss, Popular Science, Al Jazeera, and the Hechinger Report. As an agent, she is interested in nonfiction popular science projects, written by either research scientists, medical or mental health professionals, or journalists. Luba is not comfortable representing fiction, cookbooks, YA, self help, nor business or politics (unless directly about science). She likes to help produce books that instill in readers a sense of wonder about the world, preferably, as part of an engaging narrative.


United States

Nonfiction Open

Open to all/most Styles, including: Mainstream.
Health/Medicine (General, Mental health, See guidelines), Psychology (General, See guidelines), Science (General, See guidelines).
Book Book
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