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Ring of Fire Anthology 7

A project of WolfSinger Publications (see other related projects).

Do not submit here! This project is permanently closed to submissions (August 2022). We provide the following information as an archive.


How the Ring of Fire is shown is completely up to the author. It could be the traditional story of an Earthquake or volcano eruption as an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic tale, a doorway into another realm or planet, a magical object or a sought-after treasure, a ring around a world, or any idea the theme sparks. Acceptable genres are Science Fiction and all sub genres, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal or Gothic romance, Mystery or even mixed genres. Faith based are okay as long as it is part of the character and not preachy. This is inclusive for all belief systems. Any time period can be used. Authors don’t have to be published in order to have a story considered for this anthology. Feel free to read Love ‘em, Shoot ‘em or Extinct? for a sampling of authors and styles.

Country of Publication & Year Established

United States Established in 2022

Publication Media & Frequency

Electronic Publication Electronic PublicationOne-time publication.
Print Publication Print PublicationOne-time publication.

Fiction Closed

Open to a broad Audience, including: All ages.
Fantasy FantasySubgenres: Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic, Gothic, Paranormal.
Horror HorrorSubgenres: Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic, Gothic, Paranormal.
Mystery/Crime Mystery/CrimeOpen to all/most Subgenres.
Open to all/most Styles, including: Mainstream.
Other (See guidelines).
TypeLength Details
Short Story Short Story1,000 - 7,000 words.
We list broad pay categories rather than payment specifics. Check with the publisher for details.
Token payment (under 1 US cent per word) to Semi-pro payment (1-4.9 US cents per word) Royalties Pay ranges from Token payment (under 1 US cent per word) to Semi-pro payment (1-4.9 US cents per word). Royalties.
OK No Unknown Unknown UnknownText format submissions
Always check guidelines for details and restrictions. If you aren't familiar with these terms, see our glossary.

Ring of Fire Anthology Submission Statistics

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Last Updated: 01 Aug 2022
Date Added: 07 Mar 2022

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