Editor Interview: Kalyani Magazine

This interview is provided for archival purposes. The listing is not currently active.

Q: Describe what you publish in 25 characters or less.

A: Topical literary by WOC

Q: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material?

A: Kalyani actively seeks out a diverse voice by including a diverse team and looking for a variety of types of writing. We also aim to cultivate more writers from the women of color community so we treat each submission seriously, and respond to each one personally. We also include bio pages for each author because for many authors, this is their first time being published.

Q: What is the best advice you can give people who are considering submitting work to your publication?

A: Edit, edit, and re-edit your piece before submitting to us. We do not have the capacity to choose pieces with promise that need help, unfortunately, although we will indicate to you what parts of your pieces we liked. So if we feel your piece is great but needs to be tightened, there is a good chance it will not be accepted to the magazine.

Q: What do submitters most often get wrong about your submissions process?

A: Number 1 - please check the word count on our prose. If you exceed it a bit, that's fine, but we often get submissions that are way over the word count which ends up wasting our time.
Number 2 - spelling and grammar errors. We are accepting of the fact that not all our submitters have English as their first language and we will work to help those writers with basic edits, however we at least expect spell check to be performed. We are a small team and do not have a lot of time for editing.
Number 3 - include WHY you are submitting this piece for this theme. This is critical as it's how we weed out the blind submissions from the submitters who have taken the time to read our website.

Q: How much do you want to know about the person submitting to you?

A: We are less interested in where you have been published before and more interested in who you are and why you are submitting - what drives you, and what drove you to write this submission.

Q: If you publish writing, how much of a piece do you read before making the decision to reject it?

A: At least two people will read your piece to the end.

Q: What additional evaluations, if any, does a piece go through before it is accepted?

A: The final decision is made based on how your piece fits into the flow of the magazine. We look for diverse pieces: geographically, ethnicity, points of view, style of writing. An excellent piece unfortunately might not end up in the magazine for reasons beyond the author's control.

Q: What is a day in the life of an editor like for you?

A: I coordinate a team of over six people to read all the submissions and rank them into three groups to end up with a short list. After that, everyone reads every piece in the short list and ranks them again. These rankings can be based on flow, adherence to theme, engagement, and just gut reaction. Finally, I take each of the names of pieces in the high and mid rankings and write them on pieces of paper and start organizing them into a magazine order taking into account flow of all the pieces, and diversity of styles, contributors, and topics.

Q: How important do you feel it is for publishers to embrace modern technologies?

A: We have been really successful in getting the word out through Facebook. We've been also building a great community where people are using Facebook to talk to other interested writers and readers.