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Read all the editors' answers to Duotrope's interview question: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material? Learn more.

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Here is a small sampling from our recent Editor Interviews. We have interviewed over 2,125 editors.

Q: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material?

A: All of our creative publications include an author's note by the contributor.
These notes are mini essays on writing craft, and our readers love them!

A: We want to elevate manuscripts that are ready for publication—we are not here to mold or shape a book into existence, per se, but to support the books that authors have been working on, often for years. We value transparency and support. Our contract is available on our website.

A: We are humble and direct. Our goals are also simple, with a focus on publishing work we like. The only way we want to change the world is by making it just a bit more curious every single day.

A: We publish what we like.

Andrew Taylor, Editor of M58, 25 May 2023

A: We work to support our authors in their work in more fashions and spaces than other presses. We bring the work to life in print, video, audio, live shows, workshops and more. Few other presses really create the 'author-access' or multi-media experience that we do. We are also designed with the core goal of building sustainability for our authors. We go beyond simply paying out royalties and publishing further works, we are always exploring new ways to keep our authors focused on the development of their crafts and career.

A: We are the only press that publishes exclusively first and second books by women and non-binary authors. We exist as a space to launch the careers of new and emerging women and non-binary writers, and we are very proud of this feminist mission.

A: We are genre-agnostic in every sense of the term. With prose, most of our past issues have a mix of creative non-fiction, literary realism, and speculative--and we'd love to publish stories in other genres, too! Those are just the main things that get submitted to us. We consider the same full gamut when it comes to poetry and visual narratives, and we love publishing hybrid, cross-genre, and other work that lives in the borderlands and is hard to label.

A: We feel that no other publication offers such a variety of literary genres and visual art on a single platter. The Podcast and Montage segment add a distinct audio-visual flavour to our magazine. Our Team works hard to ensure that our works are creative, literary and aesthetic. Probably our most attractive feature is the manner in which we showcase our content with creative & aesthetic design layouts.

A: Anthropology and Humanism is unique in publishing multiple peer-reviewed anthropological writing genres that center the experiences and voices of individuals.

A: Red Wolf Editions curates single author poetry collections, provides a bespoke book cover for each collection and is freely downloadable.

A: We concentrate on literary publication from Delaware authors and poets, and those in close vicinity. We also review elements from Delaware's literary past, often subjecting them to critical thinking.

A: We love to promote our contributors. This includes artist interviews on our site and a "meet the contributor" series on our Instagram account. On Instagram (hi, I'm the one that runs the account :) ) I try to like and share our contributors' works both in and out of our magazine.