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Read all the editors' answers to Duotrope's interview question: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material? Learn more.

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Here is a small sampling from our recent Editor Interviews. We have interviewed over 1,825 editors.

Q: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material?

A: We are the only journal focused exclusively on writing and art by current and past residents of upstate New York.

Philip Memmer, Executive Editor of Stone Canoe, 13 August 2020

A: We are a paying market, currently $25 per story/poem. While most of our submissions are unsolicited, trampset editors also have the freedom to solicit material from writers we individually admire. We welcome and seek diversity. We accept submissions on a rolling basis and have a quick turn-around, often accepting and publishing pieces within the same week. We have no word count limits, although shorter pieces tend to get more love.

J. Edward Kruft, Editor-at-large of trampset, 09 August 2020

A: Time Of Singing is a hard copy Christian poetry journal that features challenging, yet accessible poetry. It invites the reader to wrestle with deep questions about religion and our relationships with God, each other, and creation. I don't publish sermons that rhyme or greeting card style verse, both of which have valid but different purposes. I also don't publish work that depends on religious jargon, trite, overworked imagery or easy answers. The market for Christian poetry seems to be shrinking. TOS has been around for 47 years and hopefully for many more.

A: Aside from the unique material we publish, we provide fast turnaround on submissions--usually inside two weeks--and we'll never leave writers hanging by not responding at all. We'll also work with writers to make sure the formatting of their work is just the way they want it.

A: At phoebe, we pride ourselves in not only discovering new voices with sharp great talent, but also in maintaining relationships and support for writers we've published in the past. We also celebrate art--the visual and written in all its forms. We accept genre submissions and flash, experimental essays and poetry in every form. We want to find the best work, no matter its label.

Melissa Wade, Editor-in-chief of phoebe, 07 August 2020

A: Chronic illness doesn't have to be the focus of each piece. Instead, it can permeate the background, impact the writing's logic, or just be there, as it often is in real life.

A: I have a high editorial and aesthetic standard, and I'm very supportive of new and emerging writers.

A: We publish stories that nobody else does, writers find us and send us impressive, well-researched stories about places and things we've never heard of. It's a constant delight to open up our email box and see what comes through the transom. Just today, in fact, a story about visiting the boyhood home of Thomas Wolfe in Asheville NC came in, by a well-regarded author who was a William Faulkner scholar. We get such great stuff!

A: We are part of a larger Waco Cultural Arts Fest that attracts over 10,000 people the first week-end of October every year. The free festivals are WordFest (poetry), ArtFest (juried), DanceFest, MusicFest, ScienceFest, and FilmFest. The annual WordFest Anthology has a reading by the poets published at a public reading at the Waco Convention Center during the festival on Saturday. All poets in the anthology receive their free copy at the reading. All other poets receive electronic copies of the anthology. Each year the anthologies are available for purchase on Amazon.

A: The fact that we only publish new writers and artists. No one with a collection of 55 pages or more is accepted.

A: We publish every two weeks a stand-alone piece; we pay our writers; we compile selected pieces into a printed journal/anthology which we publish annually

A: Based in Arizona, bilingual in English and Spanish, free to submit, Latino presence, and anthropological background.