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Editor Interviews

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Read all the editors' answers to Duotrope's interview question: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material? Learn more.

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Here is a small sampling from our recent Editor Interviews. We have interviewed over 1,950 editors.

Q: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material?

A: We are based out of a small town in rural West Michigan and are run by a local writers group with the support of our community arts center.

A: Founded in 2020, The Journal of Expressive Writing is the first and only online literary journal to publish expressive writing, free writing, non-fiction, personal essay, memoir, reflective essay, poetry, prose, contemplative discourse, and creative non-fiction—all that originate from a writing prompt—by both established and emerging writers.

A: When you read a book from Timber Ghost Press you know it is going to be weird, creepy, or disturbing. It's going to make you think and it may not always fit inside of a category easily.

A: We envisioned a community where writers and artists would be invited to publish solely based on the merit of their writing and creative skills. The Wingless Dreamer community connects all essences of writing, illustrating, editing, marketing, and promoting on a single platform so that authors and illustrators don’t have to go through the hardships of the publishing processes and focus on their work. The Community members become part of the family and are guided, supported, and encouraged on every step they make towards their writing or art career. Wingless Dreamer Publisher provides free critiques, reviews, marketing, and in some cases funding for our community member's work.

A: Spilling Cocoa is an almost daily dose of comedy poetry. I don’t know how many other comedy poetry sites there are, but we try to provide a poetic laugh every day.

A: We try to find a balance for each issue between both lengths and styles of writing. There is a lot that can be done under the umbrella of "hardboiled" or "noir", and many people fall for the mistaken belief that it can only be done one way. In each issue, we try to bring together a mix of stories from different authors of different styles showcasing both their differences and their similarities.

A: I think the attention we give to our writers is unique. I mentioned in another answer how we have art for every piece. But we also give personal feedback to all of the essays and fiction pieces. I've tried to treat The Twin Bill as the place that I, as a writer, would want to submit. I think we also are interested in more than just the game. We want stories of the writers and their relationship to baseball.

A: We provide a niche where writers can explore the possibility that we aren't the centre of the universe.
But, we also enjoy well written and engaging prose, so as long as you are willing to engage with the idea of antihumanism (even critically), we welcome your work.

A: High quality production
Editor reads everything
New poetry
New translations
Articles on poetry
Over 100 issues
Excellent reputation
Shortlisting for each issue means that all work finally accepted is soon published

A: Reed Magazine, established in 1867, is California's oldest literary journal. For over 150 years, Reed Magazine has published the work of artists whose narrative voices persist beyond the page, whose imagery lingers in our minds, and whose language challenges us to think, to do, to be part of the creative legacy of our time.

A: Zero Readers is a project about the writing process. Based on that, we provide full feedback for every submission. This forces us to reduce the number of submissions we take each round. Ultimately, our focus is on the writing & revisions process and how good, constructive feedback is important to that process. As a result, almost all of our published poems come from revision requests and we take a personal approach with all our contributors and submitters.

A: Our competition is only open to undergraduate students. Students entrants can be pursuing a degree in any field.