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Read all the editors' answers to Duotrope's interview question: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material? Learn more.

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Here is a small sampling from our recent Editor Interviews. We have interviewed over 2,100 editors.

Q: What sets your publication apart from others that publish similar material?

A: We publish established writers alongside new and up-and-coming talent. Our editors read every submission themselves.

Laurie Rosenblatt and Lisa Trudeau, Co-founders and Co-editor of LEON Literary Review, 23 January 2023

A: We are the only journal dedicated to transformation at the individual, organizational and societal level - in harmony with all Life.

A: I do enjoy other projects with lots of fiction in alternative formats, like Bear Creek Gazette, Los Suelos, McSweeney's, or all the wonderful places with found fiction or epistolary fiction. Our focus on recipes is unique, and I am continually amazed at how much writers can do with a simple list of ingredients and directions.

A: We are a small indie publisher, and as such we take special care with the projects we are willing to take on.

A: -We allow readers to donate directly to published writers.
-Our publication makes a point to build and develop relationships with writers, publish multiple pages of their work, and in that way contribute to the development of their individual poetic voice.
-Postmodern classicism, as a guiding principle.
-More direct submissions system, through email.
-Opportunities for mixed media work, comics, and video art.

A: We're very community-orientated. A lot of the Trembling With Fear submitters get in contact with the Horror Tree staff. We try to work together and really deliver a solid story. We've had many writers really flourish working with us over the years and we've seen amazing progress in their work!

A: We focus exclusively on poems and essays about plant-human communication, whether through heavily researched pieces, close observation, or more intuitive ways of knowing -- and we favor work that centers on plant life, rather than reducing them to bit actors in a human drama or as symbols for human interactions. We also favor work that acknowledges much of the new research about plant life, including work by Suzanne Simard, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Merlin Sheldrake, Micahel Pollan, and others.

A: Saint Julian Press as a literary and educational organization embraces a vision to create a local and worldwide community. Our desire is to engage in an artistic and diverse dialogue that promotes world peace, multicultural conversations, enlightened minds, compassion, and an interfaith awareness, appreciation, and acceptance. In our mission as a new creative imprint, we aspire to identify, encourage, nurture, and share transformative literature and art of both past and living masters. While giving emerging artists, poets, and writers a place they may come home to and share their work; celebrating the lasting mystery within creation that calls humanity into an enduring relationship with one another.

A: Accessibility, no gatekeeping

A: We cultivate a dedicated space for aspiring African writers.

Dr. Ainehi Edoro, Editor-in-Chief of Brittle Paper, 15 December 2022

A: Intrepidus Ink explores the intrepid culture. An alarmingly individual spirit defines us. Danger elements, struggle, emotion, and overcoming illuminate each tale. Our flash fiction and short stories fearlessly and unapologetically fascinate. We uplift our authors through individualized awareness campaigns, Twitter interviews, and custom story covers.

Rhonda Schlumpberger, Editor in Chief of Intrepidus Ink, 13 December 2022

A: An important aim for us is to foster emerging writers. On average, a third of the poetry pages is given to poets who have yet to publish a first collection. We review pamphlets and first collections in every issue, and we run an annual poetry competition.

Isabelle Baafi, Reviews Editor of Poetry London, 09 December 2022