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Read all the editors' answers to Duotrope's interview question: Do you nominate work you've published for any national or international awards? Learn more.

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Q: Do you nominate work you've published for any national or international awards?


A: That's something I would like to do more of because I stand by all the works I've edited with Montag. I'm willing to support authors in various ways, but authors rarely ask. I've written some letters of recommendation and occasionally solicited reviews from big-name columnists who "don't talk to authors," but searching for those opportunities takes time away from my editing.
We have a secret Facebook group where our authors can share resources and promotional strategies.

A: Not at the moment, but it's something we've discussed.

Mauve Perle Tahat, Executive Editor, Founder of TERSE. Journal, 09 April 2019

A: Yes

A: Yes.

Peg Boyers, Executive Editor of Salmagundi, 26 March 2019

A: Yes. We are very proactive at submitting work which appears in Saddlebag Dispatches for awards such as the WWA Spur Award, the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award, The Will Rogers Buckle award and even, when appropriate, a Pulitzer.

A: We're only beginning but we would like to submit for things like Pushcart prizes and best of the net, and whatever other ones are out there that we're currently not yet aware of.

A: I may do so later in 2019 (Pushcart, primarily).

Tamara Sellman RPSGT CCSH, Editor, curator, producer of Vitamin ZZZ, 16 March 2019

A: Yes, we do! We nominated some writing for Pushcart Prize this time, and we’re looking forward to nominating some for Best of the Net too.

A: I don't know of any awards in the historical fiction genre to nominate writers for,

A: We have and will continue to do so in the future.

A: No award nominations whatsoever. It's like ironing clothes or deep-cleaning the house once a week: I would if I had the time, but I serve as Publisher, Editor, Cover Designer, and Typesetter for book-length manuscripts. I also write and publish my own poetry, stories, and novels.