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Editor Interviews

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Read all the editors' answers to Duotrope's interview question: What other current publications (or publishers) do you admire most? Learn more.

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Here is a small sampling from our recent Editor Interviews. We have interviewed over 2,175 editors.

Q: What other current publications (or publishers) do you admire most?

A: The New Yorker; The New Criterion

A: PodCastle
Escape Pod
The Magnus Archive
Kakos Industries
Circlet Press

A: Rewrite The Stars Review

Penelope Pressman, Editor-in-chief of Fireworks, 22 November 2023

A: Frogpond
Under the Basho
Failed haiku - a journal of English senryu
Blithe Spirit
The Mainichi
Japan Society Haiku Corner
Poetry Pea Podcast
and many others

A: We admires Mom Egg Review and Mutha Magazine and Raising Mothers for parenting essays but what we truly love are really edgy and crazy off-the-deep end zines and staggering illustrated art publications of all kinds - we are breaking the stereotype of what people should expect from parents. Just having a kid should never end a literary career: eight of the last ten Nobel Prize Winners had kids! We want to show that parents write all kinds of things--they're not just mommy bloggers.

A: Lana Turner Journal, Annulet, Mercury Firs, DIAGRAM, Ghost Proposal, EcoTheo, Heavy Feather Review, Indianapolis Review, Word for/ Word, Graywolf Press, Noemi Press, Copper Canyon, Action Books, and many more.

A: Any publisher who cares about what readers truly enjoy reading.

A: Those that maintain high standards and publish work that demonstrates skill, art, and craft. We are drawn to poems and stories that prompt a 'wow' response,
causing us (the readers) to think: 'I've never thought of X in quite that way,' 'I've never seen X expressed quite like that' (Pound's "make it new" paradigm), and--with
particular energy--'I wish I had written that.'

A: I admire all poetry magazines that offer a platform to new and under represented poets. Grassroots poetry is the Music Hall of poetry where poets can try out ideas before graduating to magazines that are more difficult in their selection process.

A: So many ... The Coachella Review, Kenyon Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Alta, Zyzzyva, and the list goes on and on

A.M. Larks, Blog Editor of The Wave, 30 October 2023

A: Salamander, Zoetrope, the Paris Review, Copper Canyon Press, Copper Nickel, Ecco, Ecotone, Subtropics, Acre Books, Cincinnati Review, VQR, Kenyon Review, Red Hen Press

A: We particularly admire presses who do not adhere to any one dominant aesthetic, who publish a wide range of styles by the full breadth of human diversity.