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Here is a small sampling from our recent Editor Interviews. We have interviewed over 1,550 editors.

Q: Describe the ideal submission.

A: We all have slightly varying tastes, but we tend to like lyric, playful, slightly weird, raw, and acidic works. I personally am a sucker for anything that involves myth, magic, femininity, and/or spirituality, and I always go for gut-punch endings.

A: A piece whose voice or appearance is arresting, whose style is seductive, whose view on the world is important and thoughtful.

A: A query letter that serves as the back jacket copy of their book. If a writer can sell it to a reader, then they can sell it to our team. Beyond that, simple formatting.

A: There are two.
1) Significant unpublished writings and drawings by Kipling.
2) A dazzlingly original, thoughtful, deeply felt, well informed and well-written essay on Kipling's work, preferably of up to 5000 words - but it could be longer, if it was really brilliant. (I once re-printed a 10,000 word article because I thought it so good - see my answer to q 14.)

A: Duende.
Also, follow our guidelines :)

Langdon Dean Julius, Founding Editor of Juke Joint, 15 June 2018

A: One that appeals to a fairly wide audience, not necessarily people who already adore the genre: e.g., I love to get poetry mss. which would appeal to people who don't really love poetry. Also, and this should go without saying but does not: a thoroughly proofread ms!

A: It's speculative, and it's unexpected, and it makes me feel a feeling. I like to get things that are surprising, things that are different than what I would have written or what I usually read. I like the use of speculative elements that are deeply tied to the structure of the work--where the work would be utterly different if they weren't speculative.

A: The ideal submission would consist of a short note in the email body - not enough to distract me but the bare bones like 'I'm a BAME writer here is my story'. The submission would be edited and polished to a very high standard. A separate bio would be attached in word form so I wouldn't be influenced by it and could read blind before making a decision. The story or poem would be unusual, bold, take risks and be original.

A: The ideal submission would be emailed to us as a word/doc/txt file, be appropriate to the genre (Horror, if you haven't guessed), be reasonably free of grammatical errors, and succeed at either creeping us out, leaving us spooked, or giving us the heebie-jeebies. Other possibly desirable responses would be feeling unnerved, unsettled or discombobulated. Extra bonus points if little to no gore is used to achieve these effects, and extra extra bonus points if the effects are achieved instead by using psychological and surreal elements.

Brent Armour, Editor in Chief of HelloHorror, 28 May 2018

A: The Journal of International Social Research, ISSN: 1307-9581, an international, peer-reviewed, on the web publication, from 2007 will be issued least four times annualy.
The Journal of International Social Research includes research on the fields of literature, linguistics, philology, history, geography, anthropology, archaeology,psychology, sociology, education, theology etc.
The Journal of International Social Research has been using DOI number since 2015. Besides, our journal has open access policy.
The Journal of International Social Research indexed in EBSCO, MLA,Proquest CSA (Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts), Index Islamicus, Index Copernicus, Journal Seek, Academic Journal Database, DRJI and WorldCat, SIOP SocIndex, EconBiz, TEI (Türk Egitim Indeksi, Acarindex, Global ImpactFactor (GIF), Citefactor, Scholarsteer, ISAM.
The Journal of International Social Research has no charges for article processing and submission. When an article is accepted for publication, authors are required to pay. Page charges do not apply to feature articles.

A: 750 awesome, life-changing words with great images and some kind of loose story-like quality.

A: Ideal submission includes a cover letter with a short bio and doesn't tell us too much about the submission or anything else not related to the work attached (yes, email attachment). An ideal submission is also one that is patient and can wait for attention.

Debojit Dutta, Founder and Editor of Antiserious, 18 May 2018