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Read all the editors' answers to Duotrope's interview question: If you publish writing, who are your favorite writers? If you publish art, who are your favorite artists? Learn more.

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Here is a small sampling from our recent Editor Interviews. We have interviewed over 1,625 editors.

Q: If you publish writing, who are your favorite writers? If you publish art, who are your favorite artists?

A: Luc Sante, George Packer, Calvin Trillin, Paul Beatty, Barbara Ehrenreich, Ron Rosenbaum, Colson Whitehead, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Joan Didion, Susan Orlean, Mark Twain, David Gann, Lawrence Wright

A: Short fiction writers who come immediately to mind include Robert Sawyer, Ted Chiang, Geoffrey A. Landis, Timons Esaias Cat Rambo, Kij Johnson, Connie Willis, Gardner Dozois, the Killer B's (Bedford, Bear, Brin), Ursula K. LeGuin, Paolo Bacigalupi, Greg Egan, Octavia Butler, Aliette de Bodard, Stephen Baxter, Ken Liu, N. K. Jemisin, Mary Robinette Kowal, Wenmimareba Klobah Collins, Kelly Link, Theodora Goss, Osahon Izeiyamu, Catherynne M. Valente, China Miéville, Isabel Yap, Yoon Ha Lee, Lois McMaster Bujold, Wen Spencer, Jonathan Maberry, Saladin Ahmed, Tananarive Due, Amal El-Mohtar, Nnedi Okorafor, Daniel José Older, Diana Wynne Jones, Harris Durrani, Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, J. D. Barker, Michael A. Arnzen, Ellen Klages, Chris McKitterick, Delia Sherman, Bud Sparhawk, Ellen Kushner, Tobias S. Buckell, Garth Nix, Holly Black, Gene Wolfe, Gary Braunbeck, Catherine Asaro and David Barr Kirtley.
We already have cover art.

A: We publish contributions to the history of science in its broadest sense. This includes the history of mathematics, medicine, biomedical sciences, earth sciences, social sciences, humanities and technology, and their social and cultural aspects. We also invite contributions that build a bridge between history of science and other disciplines.

Koen Vermeir, Editor-in-chief of Centaurus, 06 January 2019

A: My favourite Canadian writer is the late Leonard Cohen. His unapologetic world view encourages tolerance and love in a truly human fashion.

Alanna Rusnak, Editor-in-chief of Blank Spaces, 27 December 2018

A: In no particular order:
- Heathcote Williams
- Gary Barwin
- Tom Jenks
- Mark Blickley
- Erica Baum
- Zoria Petkovska
- Amanda Earl
- Peter Carlaftes
- Andriy Antonovskiy
- Lin Tarczynski
- Russell Jaffe
- Bri Esposito
- Kim Vodicka
- Dylan Kinnett
- Alan Sondheim
- Agam Andreas
- Neal Retke
- Karl Kempton
- Jaap Blonk
- Luc Fierens
- Sacha Archer

A: Some of my favorite writers have appeared in our digital pages: Lydia Davis, Dan Beachy-Quick, Mathias Svalina, Chelsey Minnis, TC Tolbert, Sy Hoahwah, Grant Faulkner, Kiki Petrosino.

A: Jhumpa Lahiri, Amy Tan, and Mia Alvar

A: Roger Zelazny
Ursula Le Guin
Issac Asimov
Philip K Dick
Anne Nocenti
Ryan North
Randall Monroe

A: Favorite writers: George Saunders, Mohsin Hamid, Carmen Maria Machado, Emily Ruskovich, Louise Erdrich, Jeanette Winterson, James Baldwin, Italo Calvino.

SJ Sindu, Managing Editor of Shift, 11 December 2018

A: This changes often, but some of my go to's include Anna Swir, Dorianne Laux, Kaveh Akbar, Ilya Kaminsky, Tyehimba Jess, and Louise Gluck. I'm sure I'm forgetting dozens

A: When it comes to poetry, I don't necessarily think in terms of favourite poets - so much as favourite poems.
When I first started the magazine and had not yet published our first issue, I listed three favourite poems which are still on our submissions page. But new favourites are emerging constantly. Today it was Li-Young Lee's "Little Ache", Robyn Sarah's "Riveted" and Julie Cameron Gray's "Performance Art".
On Juniper's twitter page, we sometimes tweet poems we love that we've come across. For example, “Elsewhere” by Alycia Pirmohamed in The /temz/ Review and “Introduction to Quantum Theory” by Franny Choi in The Adroit Journal.
All the poems published in Juniper are favourites!

A: Among my favorite writers are Mary Shelley, Daphne du Maurier, Jorge Luis Borges, Virginia Woolf, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Jhumpa Lahiri, Joan Wilking, Kim Chinquee, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Herman Melville, Lydia Davis, Junot Diaz, Toni Morrison, Natalie Diaz, Amy Tan, Mary Robison, Anne Rice, Edgar Allan Poe, Shirley Jackson, Oscar Wilde, Nikolai Gogol, Kathy Fish, Brian Evenson, Shelley Jackson, Susan Henderson, Ian McEwan, Haruki Murakami, Anais Nin, Maya Angelou, Paul Celan, Emily DIckinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sylvia Plath, Pablo Neruda, and more I'm surely forgetting.

Tamara Burross Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief of Coffin Bell, 27 November 2018